The Nine Best Goalkeepers of All-Time


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There is no other sport in the world that can match the popularity level that football has. It is called the King of Sports for a reason, after all.

In this sport, there are 11 players, so the variety that each position holds is quite high. As we all know, usually the single most popular player of any given team is the striker.

In some cases, the midfielder can also be the one receiving the most attention to his plays. However, there  are still a few cases where the main star of the team is their goalkeeper.

In this article, we will be discussing such cases. Of course, as they were the stars of their teams, these guys are among the best that goalkeepers can offer.

1.     Lev Yashin

This man may not be as familiar to you as the younger participants of this list. However, none can deny him the number one spot once they actually have the chance to see him play.

Widely agreed to be the all-time best goalkeeper, he played for only one team, Dynamo Moscow, throughout his whole career. In the 20-year timeframe from 1950 to 1970, he led the team to 3 domestic titles and 5 league cups.

He had also played 75 times for the Soviet Union, netting them the 1960 Euro and 1956 Olympic medals.

2.     Oliver Kahn

Playing for 21 years in total, Oliver Kahn appeared in over 780 club matches and being the captain 86 times for Germany.

Oliver Kahn

Out of the 21 years, he spent 14 of them playing for one single club, Bayern Munich. With them, he got 6 domestic titles, 8 league cups, the Champion League 2001 and one UEFA Cup.

Internationally, he helped Germany through a lot of tough times, netting them the 1996 Euro. In 2002, Oliver Kahn made history as the only goalkeeper to get the World Cup’s Golden Ball.

3.     Gordon Banks

Regarded as probably the single greatest English goalkeeper, this man is no stranger to these kinds of lists. Between the year 1958 and 1972, he appeared in 628 club matches and captained the England team 73 times.

The short-live brilliance

His most notable achievement was the winning of the 1996 World Cup. In that campaign, he only conceded a total of 3 goals throughout all the matches.

With an incredible 6 wins at the FIFA Goalkeeper of The Year, Banks could have been so much more. However, due to an accident making him blind in an eye, he could no longer play.

4.     Dino Zoff

He is mostly known as the greatest Italian goalkeeper due to his incredible reflexes as well as agility.

Appearing in 642 club matches and leading the Italy national team 112 times, this man is that squad’s backbone. He spent 11 years of his career playing for Juventus, netting them 1 Coppa Italia, 1 UEFA, and 6 Series A cups.

Internationally, he was known for his incredible performance in the 1968 Euro that got them the cup. However, it was his run at the World Cup 1982 that made the history.

Then 40 years old, this man captained the Italy squad to a hard-fought victory. He fought with all he had throughout the tournament, earning him the best goalkeeper award of that campaign.

Dino Zoff is also the currently oldest footballer to ever play and win the World Cup. He also holds the longest period of not conceding goals record for international football.

5.     Peter Schmeichel

This Danish legend was famous for the 8 years he spent with English football club Manchester United. Always keeping goals out, he helped the team win 3 FA, 5 Premier League, and one Champion League titles.

All in all, he had played in 740 professional club matches and led the Denmark squad as captain 129 times. In this long duration, he was able to bring back the 1992 Euro cup.

His most famous feat was the record of keeping clean sheets for a freakishly 42% of his Premier League games.

6.     Gianluigi Buffon

For the previous generation, I do not believe that there can be a goalkeeper that is better than Gianluigi Buffon. Beginning his career in 1995 at Parma, he was, however, known for spending most of his time at the Italian Juventus.

During his whole career, the man had made 600 pro club appearances. He had also been made the captain of Italy’s national team for a total of 130 times. With Parma, Buffon got one Coppa Italia and one UEFA title.

With Juventus, he got for the club 4 Series A cups. Internationally, he is known for the incredible performance he put out to get Italy the 2006 World Cup. Out of the 7 matches he played in that tournament, he only conceded 2 goals, one of them a penalty.

7.     Peter Shilton

This guy was quite famous for an incredible career lasting through 30 years. Of those times, he made 1005 pro club appearances, throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Internationally, this man had captained the England squad 125 times, through 2 Euros and 3 World Cups.

His most known feature is the record that he is sharing with Fabien Barthez of keeping 10 clean sheets. He also helped his team, the Nottingham Forest, to two European Cups and one League title.

8.     Sepp Maier

Regarded as among the best  German goalkeepers, Sepp Maier was usually called “the cat from Anzing”. The entirety of his 17 years career was spent with Bayern Munich, making 536 professional club appearances.

Out of those appearances, he contributed to the team to 3 consecutive wins at the European Cups.

Internationally, Sepp Maier won the ’72 Euro Cup and the ’74 World Cup for West Germany. He set a legendary record at the time for playing consecutively 442 matches.

9.     David Seaman

This Arsenal legend spent most of his 22 years career for the club, from the early ‘90s to the early ‘00s. He  made a total of 957 club appearances and captained his national squad 75 times.

These goalkeepers are all worthy of their positions in this list. There are, however, new players who can challenge their spots right now. Why don’t you go  to see those guys’ plays?

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