United, France Star Paul Pogba Draws Widespread Praise in World Cup Win



Weeks before the World Cup started, Manchester United and France midfielder Paul Pogba said that he had ambitions of bossing this tournament. Two games in that’s exactly what he’s done as he’s been involved in all three of France’s goals in their two wins, over Australia and Peru.

During the period of World Cup warm up matches, France national team manager Didier Deschamps said that Pogba needed to step up his game and become a leader. Deschamps, as well as Pogba’s France teammates, defended Pogba when he was heckled by supporters of Les Bleus. 


Pogba is probably the most polarizing player of any in this entire tournament, and thus not matter what he does, good or bad, opinions will proliferate. Today, he was world class and thus drew praise from football observers all across the globe. Of course, at the same time you also have many United fans wondering why Pogba isn’t consistently performing for United in the elite manner that we’re seeing in his international form right now.

Other social media users give a lot of credit to his partner in midfield, Chelsea man N’Golo Kante. Anyway, here is a sample of some of the most compelling Pogba tweets.

Love the Twitter work of Liam Canning during United matches. He goes more than a bit backhanded compliment right here.

That is totally true- He truly is a favorite target of the media, and typically, these use his haircuts, emojis, dancing etc. to put him down.

Like a boss. France can only go as far as Pogba will take them, and they are now through to the knockout round.

More bashing the media for their bashing of the World Cup lightning rod.

Speaking of Pogba bashing, Grame Souness is probably the king of this activity. Given his relentless Pogba trashing, you got to wonder how he’s doing right now with all the brilliance we’ve seen from the French midfielder.

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