Romelu Lukaku Slams Certain Aspects of Media Coverage, Deems it Racist


Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku has joined Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling in hitting out at certain aspects of media coverage in the British press. Both of the Manchester forwards find the English media to act racist at times, but Lukaku did not single out any outlet or reporter by name.

Which is in stark contrast to Sterling, who posted an example of the practices he found to be offensive on his social media page back in December. 

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“I don’t give some media my attention, or not even a look. Sometimes you pay the price. But I don’t care. I’m not going to kiss somebody’s ass to be loved,” Lukaku told The Guardian.

“There’s one newspaper that everybody reads, y’all racist, y’all know who you are.”

We’re not going to speculate who he’s talking about, but a couple different outlets come to mind- probably the same outlet(s) coming to your mind right now.

Here’s more on this cutting edge Romelu Lukaku interview, via the Twitter video below:

It’s great that Lukaku, like Sterling before him, is calling more attention to this issue. Perhaps, as more discussion is driven on this topic, real change will eventually come. For Sterling, he didn’t speak out until he was racially abused at Stamford Bridge by Chelsea fans.

After the match, and Sterling’s reaction, City Manager Pep Guardiola spoke out about the unfortunate reality we all have to deal with. “Racism is everywhere,” Guardiola said.

Perhaps this Lukaku interview will at least open a few eyes.

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