Gary Neville: Mauricio Pochettino Should Succeed Jose Mourinho


Manchester United legend Gary Neville is never shy when it comes to expressing opinions on the club that is near and dear to his heart. Neville commentary usually only makes headlines when it’s scathingly criticizing. This time however, it’s more constructive feedback, as he advocates for Old Trafford bringing in Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino to be the eventual successor to Jose Mourinho, whenever that may be.

Pochettino has done a lot to improve Spurs, on all levels, since he moved up from Southampton in 2014, but he still hasn’t won a trophy. The Argentine is one of the finer managerial minds in the game right now, and Neville knows that there will be heavy competition for his services.

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Neville is not stumping for the idea of Poch replacing Mou right now, but when the Portugese’s time with the club is through.

“When Jose Mourinho’s time is finished at Manchester United, whether that is one year, two years — I hope it’s three years, I hope he wins multiple Premier League titles because I think he’s a fantastic manager — this [Pochettino] is the guy that I would want to manage the club that I support, because I think he deserves it,” Gary Neville said to Sky Sports.

“It’s probably the same for Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, and Daniel Levy knows that. It’s a big problem, because if he leaves it’ll be an issue for Tottenham because he’s extracting the maximum from limited resources.”

Pochettino has been linked to United in transfer rumors previously, but then again so has Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane, and obviously you know how little legs there were to those two narratives.

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Pochettino has three years left on his deal, while Mourinho is signed until 2020.

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