Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich Unloads Nearly $100M in Property to Ex-Wife


dasha zhukova

In August we learned that Chelsea Owner and Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich got the go ahead to construct a mega-mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. It’s a building that will consist of several adjoining townhouses, but also an edifice that it was widely believed he may never actually move into.

This week we learned who is going to have that property, Abramovich’s third ex-wife, Darya Zhukova. The couple divorced about a year ago, and she is set be handed close to $100 million in New York real estate has part of their divorce settlement.

dasha zhukova

Zhukova will now own a group of six properties in NYC that add up to $92.3 million. The New York Times reports that the properties “were also among the largest closings for the month of September, according to New York City property records.”

Abramovich, who is ranked by Forbes among the 200 wealthiest people in the world, is notoriously secretive in both his personal and his professional life. Rumors that he wishes to Chelsea Football Club, ranked the seventh most valuable FC in the world, continue to persist, despite official denials from the club.

The past year has seen him encounter major legal issues with authorities in both the United Kingdom and Switzerland, despite his never having actually been charged with a crime.

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