Chelsea FC Owner Roman Abramovich Set for Very Costly Divorce


dasha zhukova

Chelsea Football Club Owner and Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich is set for his third, and likely costliest, divorce yet. On Monday Abramovich and his wife Dasha Zhukova released a joint statement indicating their end of their marriage. They deemed it a very amicable split, and indicated intentions of continuing to work together.

Roman Abramovich is an extremely secretive man, who does not like to do interviews, and he kept his marriage to Zhukova a secret for six years.

dasha zhukova

Although Page Six reports that Abramovich has a prenuptial agreement, the Daily Mail write that: “Some are already predicting Abramovich’s split from Dasha could lead to the world’s most expensive ever divorce, with the 41-year-old possibly in line for a payout worth hundreds of millions of pounds.”

Forbes estimates the Chelsea owner to be worth £7 billion and the 139th wealthiest person in the world. His previous wife, Irina Malandina, “secured a (then) record £150 million pay-out after hiring cigar-chomping lawyer Raymond Tooth, who bills at £500 an hour and revels in the nickname ‘Jaws.'” according to This is Money.

It’s been reported that Zhukova has hired Jaws, and that he’s sizing up a financial feeding frenzy where Roman Abramovich is the chum.


How it all plays out in the court system could very well hinge on which country this case is heard in. Abramovich is very close to both Russian President Vladimir Putin and POTUS 45 Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Zhukova is close friends with Kushner’s wife Ivanka Trump. 

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