Top 10 Sports Journalists of All Time


They tell you to avoid fast-talkers, but in the banters of sports, this is not the case. We welcome our journalists’ lively spirits with open arms. It is, in reality, the sports gurus analyzing and blabbering about the game on your television screens stop you from changing the channel, more often than the actual sport.

The best sports journalists are like a needle lost in the grass, pinpointing it from the stringy turf is a task almost unwinnable, or so the sports PR professionals say. The right journalist matters, else it might take you a while to acquire the coverage you desire. 


Even if it’s a top trending feature, you will not be able to grow your audience as much as how you might if you could have just chosen the correct reporter. 

Arguments, battles of words, and the random splash of wine over the defendant by the attacker often make up for a tiring day at the office. Have a specialist on television who knows how to tick the other is quite necessary, isn’t it?

For that reason, we have summoned up a list for you:


Top 10 best sports journalists 

Here are only the best sports journalist of all time:

Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley 

Everyone has heard of ‘Inside the NBA’. It had been one of the top-ranked production on television screens. Furthermore, seeing the popularity they beckoned, they were extended to sign a five-year contract. 

Being mates since they played the NBA, Kenny and Charles wrecked a circus in their every show when they went against each word the other said. 

In 2015, they had a viewership of 3.2 million viewers.


Michelle Beadle

Beadle was the host of the show SportsNation on ESPN. With humor that kept the viewers intrigued and a whimsical personality, Michelle was bound to rule over the world of journalism. She never left out any side of media, from the Kardashians and to the Superbowl.

She is one of the few female renowned reporters that made her name in the industry. 

Michelle Beadle has 1.1 M followers on Twitter.

Jay Bilas

Bilas is also known as The Duke grad. He was much of a player himself back in his days three decades ago. An amazing commentator that made new fans of basketball in-tuned with all intricacies of the game.

He is ESPN’s head college expert, NCAA Tournament studio show and NBA Draft commentary is under his kingdom too. 

He has almost 1 million followers on Twitter. 

Bob Costas

Costas, the guru of gurus and bordering close to seven decades of age, has participated in almost every sport. He has hosted shows in every part of the day with the MLB Network, NBC’s Rock Center, and even ten Olympics.

Although he chooses not to join Twitter he has a reach very near to unattainable. 

Colin Cowherd

Cowherd, 57 years of age with his intellect and straight-forward knack to not hold back anything has been very famous. He was even fired from ESPN because of that, although he had pre-planned to leave beforehand so it did not affect him much. 

He works with Fox Sports and he has more than 2.5 million spectators.

Rachel Nichols

Nichols works in CNN, forty-one years of age, and hosts single on her show. She is known to ask the hardest questions and become the first full-time lady assistant coach. She is said to be one impactful woman. 

Her power stat counts 739,000 Twitter followers. 


Jim Rome

Rome is fifty-six years of age and working for CBS Sports Radio. He has aired live for more than 224 stations countrywide. The admirers adore his witty quips and retorts. 

There are millions of views on his shows and have a power statistics of 3.3 million listeners per week.

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