Three Ohio State football players accused of RAPE



Ohio State football may have transitioned from Jim Tressel to Urban Meyer, but the off-the-problems have continued in the new regime. Once again Ohio State football players are making headlines, and it’s in the police blotter.

(Details on Storm Klein situation) Now back to the latest charges:

According to ABC 6 the affiliate in Columbus, three Ohio State football players, all freshmen, were named in a search warrant after a woman claimed she was raped.

However, no charges have been filed.

The station reports that the woman was fooling around with one of the Ohio State football players when a second OSU player wanted to join in. When she refused, the second player allegedly forced oral sex on her. ABC 6 also said that one of the Ohio State football players has left the program.

No surprise here, but THE Ohio State University has refused to comment on the situation. Unless it’s a “news release” proclaiming the greatness of Pope Urban Meyer V, they often don’t have much to say. Of course, what University SID would want to publicly comment on a situation like this. Especially considering the fact that few facts in this case have been revealed.

Read the full rape report here.

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