Purdue QB Rob Henry Tears ACL; Caleb TerBush the New Man for Boilermakers?


Purdue sophomore quarterback Rob Henry suffered a non-contact anterior cruciate ligament tear in his right knee at practice on Aug. 23. Further diagnosis will determine the extent of the injury and how long the Ocala, Fla., native will be sidelined. But you can bet the Boilermakers leading rusher and passer from last season is done for the year.

“Rob Henry is a huge part of our football program, our heart goes out to him” head coach Danny Hope said.

“He was voted a captain by the team in the spring, and I know he will continue to inspire and push Robert (Marve), Caleb (TerBush), Sean (Robinson) and all of his teammates forward.”

Hope even went out of his way to make practices less likely to result in injury this fall. And with the train wreck (pun intended) of injuries at the skill positions last season on who can blame him?

More on the West Lafayette Curse from our friend Travis Miller at Hammer and Rails:

Without a doubt this needs to be a group effort. If you are a Purdue fan and a member of the clergy, please pray or do a séance. If you know anyone familiar with voodoo please visit a witch doctor. the Mackey Arena renovation had to have uncovered not only an ancient Indian Burial Ground, but a pioneer cemetery and the 7th gate of hell too. This is only going to get worse if we don’t do something. We can expect Robert Marve to be declared ineligible, Caleb TerBush to miss time with Hysterical Pregnancy, and Sean Robinson to get hit so hard he loses a limb on the field.

I have no idea what we have done to piss off the sports gods, but clearly it is something bad. Few things in football have gone right since The Fumble, and The Curse clearly claimed Robbie Hummel for some unknown reason. I couldn’t even relax this afternoon with a nice run without coming home and seeing that my twitter feed had exploded with the news. Rob Henry, our leading passer and rusher from last season, somehow tore his ACL in a year where Coach Hope had made a point of lessening the hitting in practice in order to diminish the chance of injury.

My first reaction was probably similar to yours,: namely, I shouted, “You’ve gotta be Effing kidding me!” At this point it is almost laughable that we keep losing key players to the same injury.

 Yes, Purdue’s college football curse with injuries, and even its curse with the same injury carries over to college basketball as well. You’ve all heard of Mr. Glass Robbie Hummel. So the signal caller job is now Robert Marve’s correct? Not so fast, my friend. It turns out the embattled, controversial and also oft-injured transfer from The U. has other things to worry about in addition to his potential ineligibility. He’s been icing his knees a lot lately and missing practice, so the gig might go to Caleb TerBush.

Going back to H&R:

Sean Robinson has also been running with the #1’s, and since he is the third and final scholarship quarterback on the roster you can bet he won’t redshirt unless Marve is suddenly healthy or TerBush takes every snap. (HA!)

I really think Marve isn’t ready at this point, and that concerns me greatly. We may have to move Justin Siller back to quarterback out of necessity. Otherwise our options are walk-ons Spencer Dawson and Austin Parker. Dolapo Macarthy is a possibility, as he played at quarterback in the spring before moving to wide receiver, but I really hope that we don’t get that far down the list.

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