Pro Palestine, Abolish Police Protest Erupts at Northwestern-Iowa



While some dinosaurs still bloviate how “sports and politics don’t mix,” we all know that concept has fallen by the wayside these days. That said, you still shouldn’t run out onto the field of play to get your message out.

And if you still do anyways, well, try to make your signs readable to all of your potential audience. A pro Palestine group, reportedly Northwestern students, ran onto the field, late in the second quarter of tonight’s Northwestern home game against Iowa. The group was protesting in the name of other causes as well, including abolishing the Northwestern University police.

It took so long for anybody to do anything about the Northwestern kids’ protest that it really seemed like this was something scheduled and organized by the university, specifically for the timeout. As if it were TO entertainment or something.

In fact, a “counter-protestor” dressed in Iowa gear, stormed the field before security did anything at all. And it all took place with Outkast’s “Hey Ya” blaring on the stadium sound system.

How ironic.

As “Hey Ya” is probably the one thing everyone in America agrees on, and it was played while very divisive opinions were being expressed.

The protestors then left their banners behind, and exited the field. What happened next is still something we’re waiting to find out about.

Stay tuned for more updates. Also, this was way more exciting and interesting than the actual game, which Iowa leads 14-3 at halftime. It’s yet another ground-and-pound, low scoring (yet still somehow very one-sided) Big Ten West affair.

Here’s video:

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald said he was primarily focused on “the health, safety, and well-being of our student athletes.

“There’s an arena for the athletes, the officials, the coaches and those that are supposed to be in it. Any time that that gets compromised, it gives you pause, and you have great care and concern. I don’t know if anybody saw, but that’s all I was focused on was trying to keep our guys away.”

He then shifted gears to talk about Bryan Heinz, a former NU defensive back, player who served in Afghanistan with the Green Berets, and was honored earlier during the game. Iowa went on to win 17-12. You know what doesn’t win?

Certainly not elections at least, is the slogan “Defund the Police,” which is pretty self-defeating to the left’s quest for power and change.

Even worse is “Abolish the Police,” so yeah, let’s maybe get rid of that rhetoric. Otherwise we’ll just keep gifting elections to the GOP. The organizations include NU Community Not Cops, Students for Social Justice in Palestine, Northwestern Graduate Workers, Fossil Free Northwestern, NU Dissenters, and Students Organizing for Labor Rights.

Their demands? Check out NU Community Not Cops’ Twitter page below:

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