Penn St. Alums in State Capital: JUST DON’T GET IT



Everyone gets the “death bounce;” no matter who they are or what they’ve done. And by death bounce, I mean the mainstream media, and with it John Q. Public, just going ahead and glossing over everything that person did wrong while they were alive.

Well, hopefully a monster like Jerry Sandusky doesn’t get the death bounce.

Considering all that went down with Joe Paterno and Penn State, and just a few weeks ago at that, I’m shocked that Paterno has been as deified, lionized, and sanctified as he has by the internet, television, radio and print media.

But everyone seems to get a hagiography when they pass on, so I’ll live with this. I don’t like what’s happening with Paterno funeral coverage, but who among us wouldn’t like to have their life glamorized and devoid of controversy when their time comes?

However, what follows below GOES WAY TOO FAR!

How dare these idiots turn mourning Paterno into demonizing the PSU trustees!

From the Patriot News:

More than 50 Penn State Alumni Association Harrisburg Chapter members gathered for a monthly happy hour at the Fox and Hound restaurant in Susquehanna Township on Tuesday night. They toasted JoePa’s life and blasted the university’s board of trustees for firing the coaching legend who gave 61 years to the school.

The handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal and Paterno’s firing was the final straw that prompted Lower Paxton Township resident Nick Stanziola to campaign for a trustee position.

Many have chastised Paterno for not alerting police after then-graduate assistant Mike McQueary told him he saw Sandusky raping a young boy in a locker room shower, but Stanziola disagreed, saying Paterno did what he was supposed to by alerting higher-ups at PSU.

“I thought it was absolutely the worst move [the trustees] ever made. I think it would have been better for them to accept his resignation. I don’t think he should have been forced out at all because he did all he could do,” said Stanziola, who graduated in 2002.

Just disgusting.

And way to set an example coming from the state capital. The seat of government for the state of Pennsylvania, and the closest thing to an actual town near the remote outpost that is State College, PA should be a paradigm of enlightenment, not a bastion of regressive thought. The PSU trustees were the only true responsible adults in this whole tragedy and farce. They should be looked to as an example, not derided!

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  1. frank pfeiffer says

    I agree that vilifying the PSU BOT is self serving; to call them “responsible adults” is a strech! They paniced and reacted with little thought – Other than”best interest of the University” – how did that work out. The state GJ summary certainly didn’t give enough information to rush to judgement.
    There were certaily other short term options to cosider, but unlike responsible adults they chose quick satisfaction of the uninformed media and public. In that process they destroyed one of PSU greatest benefactors.

  2. appreciate the comment. The trustees have been trying to get rid of Paterno for years, and this was their chance. But I don’t fault them for that either. They realized that he had too much power at the institution, had become bigger than the Univ. and had to go years ago.

  3. No matter how one tries to justify rushing to judgment it remains exactly that. Too much power? That perception is flawed as evidenced by the outpouring of testimony as to his character. Do you or any other Paterno bashers have any facts to back up your fantasies of his secret power trip?

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