Nike’s Phil Knight Addresses Paterno Firing at Memorial Service

joe paterno

Someone had to talk about it; the elephant in the room. In all the tributes paid to Joe Paterno these past few days, a few talked about his recent dismissal. Little to none discussed it in a substantive sense. Nike CEO Phil Knight at least touched upon it; but ended up doing little more than Paterno/Penn State cheerleading.

Maybe it would have been better if he had just kept his mouth shut.

Thursday’s memorial event ended the public mourning period for Paterno. Public viewings were held Tuesday and Wednesday morning at a campus followed by a funeral Mass, procession and burial for Paterno that afternoon.

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Penn St. Alums in State Capital: JUST DON’T GET IT


Everyone gets the “death bounce;” no matter who they are or what they’ve done. And by death bounce, I mean the mainstream media, and with it John Q. Public, just going ahead and glossing over everything that person did wrong while they were alive.

Well, hopefully a monster like Jerry Sandusky doesn’t get the death bounce.

Considering all that went down with Joe Paterno and Penn State, and just a few weeks ago at that, I’m shocked that Paterno has been as deified, lionized, and sanctified as he has by the internet, television, radio and print media.

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