Actual “Rudy” play: Video of Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech 1975



“Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” With #6 Notre Dame set to take on Georgia Tech at home this weekend, we flash back to 1975 and re-visit the actual play and individual player that inspired the “Rocky” of all college football movies.

Here’s the actual grainy game footage in black and white of the real life Rudy play. Notre Dame scores a late touchdown vs. Georgia Tech, enabling senior walk-on Dan Ruettiger (or Rudy, as we know him, as played by Sean Astin in the film) to get some real playing time in the final Fighting Irish home game of 1975.

As YouTube user tjnd88 (who posted this) wrote:

Though uncredited by radio announcer Don Criqui, Ruettiger sacks the quarterback on the final play of the game, achieving a lifelong dream of playing football for Notre Dame. Special thanks to KH for marrying the game film to the original radio broadcast.

While yes, the movie took A LOT of liberties with the truth (Dan Devine was not exceedingly obstinate to playing Rudy, and hence not an actual villain), Rudy did actually get a sack during the one play he enjoyed.

Yes, we agree that all seemed too Hollywood to be true.

notre dame football

#6/6/9 Notre Dame (9-1) vs. Georgia Tech (3-7, 2-6 ACC)

Saturday, November 20 | 2:30 p.m. ET (NBC)
Notre Dame Stadium | South Bend, IN

We don’t know if the real life Rudy, or Sean Astin who played him, will be in attendance or not on Saturday.

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