Northwestern Football Rap Video: Go U (NU Anthem)


The city of Evanston, IL doesn’t have the hip-hop tradition of say New York, L.A. or The Chi. (for obvious reasons) But it does have Northwestern alum Mo Greene. Who produced/recorded the new hip-hop anthem for the 2011 Wildcats football team.

The pretty solid single debuted last night; it’s just unfortunate that it’s releases comes at a time when the team is 2-3 and looking like a Big Ten second division also ran. Green has a decent track bumpin until the last minute or so when he descends into nothing more than name-dropping and sloganeering (a la the final three minutes of “California Love” by 2pac and Dr. Dre).

I do love this line however: “you think NU too bougy, till you meet David Nwabuisi who knocks you on your booty.” Rhyming “mersa” with Dan Persa was also fun; although a bit expected. The song is a remix/update of his 2008 version.

Hey, the new stuff is never as good as the old stuff. It used to be all about the music man. Now they’ve just gone all corporate sellout dude.


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  1. Mo Greene says:

    Appreciate the post. However, it’s not “Mersa” rhymed with Persa, if u listen the line is “the mercenary (mercen-ary) arm of Dan Persa.”

    Nothin but love tho!

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