Joe Paterno Visits Hospital for Unknown Ailment; Media Ignore It


joe paterno

Hard to believe a story like this slipped through the cracks.

Joe Paterno, the recently fired Penn State head football coach and all-time leader in college football wins visited a campus infirmary and a local hospital Wednesday night for treatment of an undisclosed issue. And no one noticed.

Questions abound about the 84-year-old coach’s health in the wake of the scandal and his dismissal.

From Penn Live:

Paterno’s medical treatment barely registered in this community, which has been consumed by the fallout from the sex abuse allegations against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and charges of a cover up by university officials.

A local television station aired video Thursday morning of a man in a white laboratory coat aiding Paterno down a stairway outside the campus infirmary, but did not appear to pursue the matter further. There were no mentions of Paterno’s health, a concern of former players in the wake of his firing, on Twitter or in a real-time search of news articles.

All the reporters who had been camped out on Paterno’s lawn are now gone, and the on-site media circus has died down even though the coverage of the scandal has not. All the much bigger than football events have overshadowed Paterno’s visit to the hospital.

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