Penn St. Scandal Likely to Prompt Civil Suits, Sandusky’s 4th Victim Speaks Out

jerry sandusky

As more and more victims come forward in the Penn State sexual abuse scandal, it’s becoming increasingly clear that there will be at least a few civil lawsuits against Sandusky, and possibly Penn State University following the criminal case.

Penn State is a very large institution with a lot of money to hire the best legal talent. However, their lawyers will face a monumental task given 1.) all the evidence in the grand jury report 2.) all the corroborating evidence from the numerous witnesses coming forward.

I’m not Johnnie Cochran or anything, but it appears they’ll be better off not trying to fight this, and instead settle out of court. And of course that will cost money. It could bleed the university, and severely hurt the Nittany Lions program. It costs a lot of money to upkeep a college football program.

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Joe Paterno Visits Hospital for Unknown Ailment; Media Ignore It

joe paterno

Hard to believe a story like this slipped through the cracks.

Joe Paterno, the recently fired Penn State head football coach and all-time leader in college football wins visited a campus infirmary and a local hospital Wednesday night for treatment of an undisclosed issue. And no one noticed.

Questions abound about the 84-year-old coach’s health in the wake of the scandal and his dismissal.

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