Jessica Dorrell’s fiance no longer working at Arkansas



The fallout from the Bobby Petrino firing has begun. When you give a woman half your age that your having an affair with a job that 159 other people applied for plus 20 grand, these things happen.

Yes, you may have led the Arkansas Razorbacks to their highest ranking in twenty years, but being a top 5 team in college football just doesn’t cover these things up.

Petrino got his; now Jessica Dorell and her fiance are going to get there’s.

The very next day after the Petrino firing, Dorell’s (I guess it’s Dorrell now, for some reason half the media outlets reporting this story are spelling it “Dorrell,”) while the other half are spelling it “Dorell” fiance Josh Morgan is gone from the University.

Morgan was Arkansas’ Director of Swimming and Diving Operations. Today he’s like Petrino, no longer associated with the school.


From Opposing Views:

As first noted by the good folks at, Morgan is off the official website and former graduate assistant Megan Haskins has apparently been promoted as his replacement. At this very moment, it’s unknown why precisely Morgan is out. It could be anything from his deciding to resign because of public pressure or embarrassment, to him getting fired for some reason we are not aware of.

It’s sort of tough to imagine that his woman having an affair and getting improper benefits (in more ways than one) would be grounds for Morgan to get the boot, but maybe the payoff that Petrino reportedly gave Dorrell ties into that somehow. (Pure speculation based on zero evidence.)

So how come while both of these men have lost their jobs, Dorrell is still employed by the school? Or is the axe about to fall on her next? Has she even been showing up for work?

So many questions left to be answered in one of college football’s biggest scandals in quite some time.

The scandal has a theme song (listen here)

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Dorell’s wedding registry and wedding guest defaced and shut-down (more on that here)


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  1. This woman needs to be fired! She has helped to destroy a family and that is the worst part of all of this. Forget the University, a family has been damaged due to her and the coaches lack of morals, integrity and self respect. I feel sorry for any “future” man who ever decides she is good marriage material – she has proven she isn’t trustworthy.

  2. paulmbanks says

    well, her reputation is ruined forever, she’s getting hers

  3. If you want to see lack of morals, see and watch the politicians, thats a lack of principles and morals.

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