If the Illini bought out Beckman and replaced him with Bobby Petrino?


In the summer of 2012 I originally wrote 900 words on the idea of Bobby Petrino replacing Tim Beckman as Illinois Fighting Illini Head Coach. I didn’t think it would actually happen, but I was in favor of the idea. If it were possible. This got linked on an Illini message board, and the commenters on the thread said I was the stupidest person alive with zero credibility.

But that’s my fault; for actually looking on a message board. You could develop a cure for all airborne illnesses, give the cure to all humanity at no cost and the message board commenters will stay say that you are the stupidest person alive, with zero credibility. You can post an article with perfect grammar, syntax and spelling, and some idiot will post that it’s “the worst written article ever written.”

Okay that we’ve re-established the idea that message boards are all pointless, let’s get back to the idea of Bobby Petrino coming to UI.

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Petrino mistress Jessica Dorrell gets a new job


Here’s a news story that flew under the radar. The media missed on this. We all heard about Bobby Petrino being hired by Western Kentucky. But what about his mistress Jessica Dorrell that he hired and gave a $20,000 cash gift to? What became of the former all-SEC girl’s volleyball player?

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Jessica Dorrell resigns from Arkansas; got $14,000 in settlement


The final shoe has dropped (or at least so we think) in the Bobby Petrino-Jessica Dorrell scandal in the Arkansas Razorbacks football program. Dorrell was placed on paid leave a few days ago, Petrino was fired a week ago. It was just reported by multiple sources that Dorrell resigned her position within University of Arkansas athletic department.

She’s been very quiet on these matters publicly, as friends told ESPN.com she’s in “safe mode.” I didn’t know she was in addition to being a hot leggy blonde, a PC. Can you activate her BIOS by hitting the F12 key? Dorrell will ctrl+alt+del her life in safe mode with an extra 14 grand.

The University gave her $14,000 as part of her settlement package.

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Arkansas places Jessica Dorrell on paid leave


It was announced today that Bobby Petrino will not appeal the ruling handed out against him by the University of Arkansas. It was also announced that his mistress Jessica Dorrell will go on paid leave from the Razorbacks athletic department. So now all three figures caught up in this scandal, Dorrell, Dorrell’s fiance Josh Morgan, and Petrino have been removed from the University.

Multiple sources are reporting today’s announcements.

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Why isn’t Petrino’s mistress, Jessica Dorrell talking?


One of the most high profile people in the sports media world this week, is totally in hiding. Jessica Dorrell, mistress of fired Arkansas Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino is in “safe mode” as friends and contacts described her. She’s been a trending term on the internet since Easter weekend, but she’s shunning any and all publicity.


Her fiance Josh Morgan lost his job with the University, much like Petrino. Is her gig next? Will she voluntarily step down?

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Jessica Dorrell’s fiance no longer working at Arkansas


The fallout from the Bobby Petrino firing has begun. When you give a woman half your age that your having an affair with a job that 159 other people applied for plus 20 grand, these things happen.

Yes, you may have led the Arkansas Razorbacks to their highest ranking in twenty years, but being a top 5 team in college football just doesn’t cover these things up.

Petrino got his; now Jessica Dorell and her fiance are going to get there’s.

The very next day after the Petrino firing, Dorell’s (I guess it’s Dorrell now, for some reason half the media outlets reporting this story are spelling it “Dorrell,”) while the other half are spelling it “Dorell” fiance Josh Morgan is gone from the University.

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