Jessica Dorrell resigns from Arkansas; got $14,000 in settlement



The final shoe has dropped (or at least so we think) in the Bobby Petrino-Jessica Dorrell scandal in the Arkansas Razorbacks football program. Dorrell was placed on paid leave a few days ago, Petrino was fired a week ago. It was just reported by multiple sources that Dorrell resigned her position within University of Arkansas athletic department.

She’s been very quiet on these matters publicly, as friends told she’s in “safe mode.” I didn’t know she was in addition to being a hot leggy blonde, a PC. Can you activate her BIOS by hitting the F12 key? Dorrell will ctrl+alt+del her life in safe mode with an extra 14 grand.

The University gave her $14,000 as part of her settlement package.

That is no doubt a result of any potential sexual harassment issues at work here from her affair with Petrino. When you give a woman half your age that your having an affair with a job that 159 other people applied for. plus 20 grand for Lord knows what, these things happen.

Yes, you may have led the Arkansas Razorbacks to their highest ranking in twenty years, but being a top 5 team in college football just doesn’t cover these things up. And the extra money Dorrell got is to cover up any potential future legal issues for the department.

A quick recap of how this college football scandal transpired, at least from Dorrell’s perspective from The Victory Formation:

If you are keeping score at home, Dorrell enjoyed a fling with the head coach of a prominent college football program that had obvious expensive benefits. She landed herself a job within the athletic department working for the same man she was having an affair with, and scored herself a $20k cash bonus from him (if we can call it that). Then, she received an additional $14,000 from the university to make sure that there was no future legal ramifications following the realization that she cheated her way into her new job. Of course, now she will have to battle the blackmark of being a mistress with every place she ever applies for the job. Can’t imagine this is going on her resume.

The scandal has a theme song (listen here)

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