Bobby Petrino’s galpal: Arkansas’ Jessica Dorell (photos)



(BREAKING UPDATE: Arkansas fires Petrino)

Update: Dorrell’s fiance Josh Morgan no longer with the school

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Arkansas Razorbacks head football coach Bobby Petrino was involved in a serious motorcycle accident Sunday evening. He received broken ribs and is currently wearing a neck brace

And Petrino had a female passenger on his bike (pictured above during her volleyball playing days at Arkansas) when he crashed on Sunday. According to the police report (pdf) (via Petrino was accompanied by his new assistant, Jessica Dorrell. (lots of pics to come)


Dorrell was reportedly uninjured in the accident and, according to the police report, is the one who tracked down a passing motorist to help the injured Petrino.

Now Arkansas has put Petrino on leave, and he admits there was “an inappropriate relationship.”

So the married Petrino was hanging out with a 25-year-old engaged assistant on the back of his motorcycle? And Dorrell was dropped off before Petrino was taken to the hospital…And the school or Petrino refused to acknowledge the presence of Dorrell on the motorcycle until now. When they had to!

So yeah, I’d say the relationship is very inappropriate, and we’re only beginning to learn what really went on here. What a way that would be to get caught having an extra-marital affair, getting into a motorcycle accident while riding with your mistress!




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