Despite Routing #5 Utah, TCU Still Not Slotted for BCS Title Game



Even though #3 and undefeated Texas Christian absolutely manhandled #5 (and previously undefeated) Utah on Saturday, it was still not enough for them to move up into a slot to play for the college football national title. (If the season ended today) In fact, they didn’t even move up at all, they remained at number three.

If you are a BCS proponent, you are truly running out of credibility (not like you really had much to begin with). There are four undefeated teams left in college football, two power conference teams: #1 Oregon and #2 Auburn, and two “mid-majors” #3 TCU and #4 Boise St.

In the latest rankings, the Big Ten first checks in at #7 Wisconsin Badgers, followed by #9 Ohio State Buckeyes, #11 Michigan State Spartans and #13 Iowa Hawkeyes. Throw in Nebraska next year at #8 and it looks like a really solid, top heavy conference even though there is absolutely no way a conference team plays for the title in 2010.

So if you have two undefeated mid-majors at the end of the year, and neither one plays for the national title…then we’ll have an absolute travesty! Even by the b.s. of BCS standards.

Now imagine if both Boise St. and TCU are undefeated at the end of the year, and they both get passed over for a one-loss power conference team? It could happen, and that scenario takes what little shred of meritocracy left in the BCS, and absolutely blows it to smithereens.

Auburn dismantles a cupcake Chattanooga team, yet the Horned Frogs fail to “leapfrog” them (sorry, sorry…I know that was horribly predictable, but just too hard to pass up) in the standings this week!

Where is the justice in that?

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  1. Wow. Sometimes you, PB, and everyone else in the media, is utterly predictable in their views…


    “Hey everyone, wait a minute…Boise State has no chance to get above fourth in the rankings…TCU might actually be good…EVERYONE BACK THEM!!!”


    The absolute flip-floppiness of everyone in the media trumpeting these “mid-majors” is exactly why we CAN’T have a playoff. Four team playoff? You’re telling me there couldn’t be 5 undefeated teams in a season? We are seeing, quite honestly, how easily that could happen this season — we’ve got four without involving the Big Ten, the ACC or the attrocious Big East (where any of 20 other teams in this country could run the table). What about an 8 team playoff? Well…then which one loss team is getting screwed? And if you extrapolate this seasons rankings to next seasons’ conferences, it’s which 1 loss Big Ten team is getting screwed? Oh, the horror, the horror…

    The predictability with which everyone leapt onto the TCU bandwagon was…well, you get the idea. Worse yet is less people, including you, PB, don’t deny it, have seen a TCU game than a Boise State game. The nice thing is, they are getting it right, now: TCU absolutely is a better team than Boise State, and I’ve been saying that to whomever will listen. The problem is, having seen both Auburn and Oregon, I can absolutely say that both of those teams are ALSO violently better than TCU.

    Now, PB, I would hope you wouldn’t try and insinuate that TCU should leapfrog Auburn (it’s called body of work, dude, look it up) when it doesn’t just factor in the last week’s games. Auburn has played a legit schedule. So you’re absolutely wrong right there….They’ve beaten then #12 Arkansas, then #12 South Carolina, and #6 LSU. That’s very….VERY legit.

    Not to mention that, you’re SURELY not trying to insinuate that Auburn shouldn’t be in the national title game with their REMAINING schedule left: with the Iron Bowl game AT Alabama (rivalry game AND on the road against the team that many still believe is the best in the country), plus if they win the the SEC Title game against someone who is probably pretty dang good…there is NO WAY, should Auburn run the table, that they shouldn’t be in the title game. In any system you put together. Hell, if there was some kind of playoff I’d give them a bye to the title game…they have run the gauntlet in the SEC this season.

    You should have been trumpeting that Oregon shouldn’t be number one at all. They have played a VERY weak schedule so far and though it does get tougher, it won’t be tougher than TCUs. Though I do think that Oregon is the best team in the country (and I’ve been saying THAT a while now too), I’m not sure that the routs they’ve put up against mediocre competition has earned them the spot they have. And I do see that as problematic.

    But that’s also not the argument you made.

    Would you and the rest of the BCS decry-ers like to take another shot at this?

  2. Well, we already had our discussion about this offline. so I’ll just leave it at that.

    I do appreciate your zeal though. On dedication to your argument…with the comment that is 7x longer than the post

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