Alabama’s blowout of Notre Dame does bad ratings (chart)


Alabama became the first back to back champion in the BCS era last night with a  42-14 rout over Notre Dame. The game drew a 15.7 overnight rating Monday on ESPN, the network said Tuesday. That’s actually up 14 percent from last year’s game, another blowout Crimson Tide victory, 21-0 over LSU. But it’s down from the 16.1 for ESPN’s first BCS championship two years ago, Auburn’s 22-19 win over Oregon that was “for all the Tostitos” at the very end.

It got off to a decent start, but once the second half started, people checked out.

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Auburn fans join forces with Notre Dame (photo)

auburn dance team

It happens every BCS title game and Final Four- the decision to root for the team from your conference or against them. When it’s your bitter rival that’s in the finals of college basketball or college football than the decision is probably much easier. It certainly seems that way for Auburn Tigers fans. They’ve joined with Notre Dame against their in-state rival Alabama Crimson Tide.

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The only Notre Dame and Alabama brother combination ever


During the Civil War, you often literally had brother vs. brother. According to the Alabama Crimson Tide fight song they are “Dixie’s football pride.” And Indiana (despite the fact that it often votes with the old Confederacy these days in elections) was a Union state. So this Notre Dame vs. Alabama national title game matchup does have a bit of a Civil War feel to it.

Here are two brothers who fit the mold: Thomas Rayam Bama 90′ and I-Hardy Rayam Notre Dame 80′ are the only brother combination that played for both Notre Dame and Alabama. Ironically, some local people don’t understand why some national news source have not given this article some attention. Hardy Rayam, graduated from Notre Dame 1980′ BBA and was on Notre Dame’s 1977 Football National Championship Team. Hardy Rayam is also a Two Times Liver Transplant Survivor, since 1997 (PSC-Walter Payton).

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16 future NFL players you’ll see in the BCS National Championship Game


As you get ready for the BCS National Title Game Monday night, I’ve prepared a guide for you to the college football players you’ll soon see on the NFL gridiron. There are four players from Notre Dame who will go in the early rounds of this year’s draft and next year’s; 12 more from the Alabama Crimson Tide. Let’s get to know ’em.

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Notre Dame being good does NOT elevate overall college football


Lately, there’s been a ton of columns, stories, blogs and tweets that have all been saying “Notre Dame being great/relevant is important/beneficial for college football at large. And most of these narratives come with the prefix “I’m not an ND fan but/even if you hate ND/you don’t have to like the Irish but.”

The fact that these storylines need that introduction negates their argument immediately. Notre Dame is good; really good and they may even play for the national title, but that does nothing for fans of other teams. It only means a lot for the golden domers and their fans.

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Notre Dame somehow survives Pitt, National Title hopes alive


Thus accelerates the national title talk for Notre Dame. They lived dangerously (BYU, Stanford) for much of the year, but eventually the wear and tear of the nation’s strongest schedule got to them. Call this a let-down from the huge win over the Oklahoma Sooners. Call it a trap game before a big rivalry tilt with Boston College. And call it an almost loss to a team that fell to Youngstown St earlier, which would hurt tremendously in the computer rankings.

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Notre Dame rises to third in BCS rankings


Last week the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were fifth in the BCS rankings. With their huge win at #8 Oklahoma, ND is now  third. Time to start talking national championship? Or at least national championship game scenarios

The Kansas State Wildcats remain second, Alabama Crimson Tide first. Another undefeated team, the Oregon Ducks are fourth.

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Three SEC West Teams: LSU, Alabama, Arkansas 1-2-3 in BCS

lsu tigers girls

We all know what a chaotic weekend it was in college football. #2, #4 and #5 all went down. And we knew the fallout would be very comprehensive. After their brutal defeat to the Union in the Civil War, champions of the Confederacy were known to say “the South shall rise again!”

And it’s happened, this weekend in 2011- although I’m sure this is nothing like what the southern gentlemen envisioned. The SEC Western division teams: LSU Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide, and the Arkansas Razorbacks are 1-2-3 in the tonight’s BCS standings.

Yeah, I guess you could say it’s the strongest conference in football; and the strongest division in football.

If you wish to be Captain Obvious.

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Complete Chaos: Just What the BCS Ordered!

boise state

It was a good college football Saturday for the mid-majors as Boise State and TCU both won handily.

The Hawaii Warriors were manhandled despite coming to the smurf turf with an impressive resume within the WAC. Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore hits receivers across the middle with Heisman-winning level precision.

Elsewhere, TCU’s victory over the Utah Utes was much more impressive considering that both teams were rated in the top five prior to the contest. This was the biggest sporting event in Salt Lake City since it hosted the Olympics.

Gary Patterson brought in his underappreciated squad and took care of business on the road. Both of these aforementioned games are evidence that margin of victory must be part of the equation for the BCS rankings.

By Patrick Herbert

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Despite Routing #5 Utah, TCU Still Not Slotted for BCS Title Game


Even though #3 and undefeated Texas Christian absolutely manhandled #5 (and previously undefeated) Utah on Saturday, it was still not enough for them to move up into a slot to play for the college football national title. (If the season ended today) In fact, they didn’t even move up at all, they remained at number three.

If you are a BCS proponent, you are truly running out of credibility (not like you really had much to begin with). There are four undefeated teams left in college football, two power conference teams: #1 Oregon and #2 Auburn, and two “mid-majors” #3 TCU and #4 Boise St.

In the latest rankings, the Big Ten first checks in at #7 Wisconsin Badgers, followed by #9 Ohio State Buckeyes, #11 Michigan State Spartans and #13 Iowa Hawkeyes. Throw in Nebraska next year at #8 and it looks like a really solid, top heavy conference even though there is absolutely no way a conference team plays for the title in 2010.

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