Alabama Wins Another Title: Crush Irish



Alabama football is good. There’s no way around it. No other way of saying it. Alabama is a good football team. Say what you want about Nick Saban and his demeanor as a head coach, but the guy has simply put together one of the best programs in college football history.

Their latest National Championship came against Notre Dame, 42-14, earning Bama and Saban their third title in four seasons.

The teams that Alabama has had the past couple seasons could, in my opinion, compete with and beat any team you could name since 1950. The only question is…when will Alabama’s streak come to an end? When will the SEC’s streak come to an end?

With the current state of the Bama football program and the wealth of high school recruits in the south, there is no telling when this dominance may end; perhaps when the format moves to a playoff. But with this bowl format where a team gets close to two months to prepare for their opponent, I don’t see another staff that’ll prepare better than Saban and his crew.

I’m just simply amazed that a team could become so dominant and take control of a sport where there are tons of teams with tons of talent. I’m not a fan of Alabama, Nick Saban, or the SEC. And it’s easy to hate and root against a team that is good all the time…But I have a hard time rooting against a team and a staff that is simply better at what they do. Congrats to the Crimson Tide!

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