Scott Martin, a Versatile Purdue Transfer, Key Cog for Notre Dame


mike brey

One of the keys to Notre Dame’s college basketball season will be how much the Irish get out of Scott Martin, a Purdue transfer who missed the last two seasons, one from NCAA mandated transfer protocol, and a second year from a knee injury.

Martin is a 6-8 senior who sees most of his 27 minutes a game at guard. At Media Day Coach Mike Brey discussed what Martin’s best strength is.

“He really can rebound the ball, that’s something he does but it’s got to be a couple different guys.”

The Irish are currently 6-0 and in order for their record to stay impressive they’ll need to get the most out of Martin, the team’s fifth leading scorer and rebounder.

By Paul M. Banks

“That little foreign tour helped cuz he had to put the uniform on, he hadn’t played in 2 years, but he certainly is a gifted young man, there’s a versatility about him, he can shoot, get in and post up, put the ball on the floor,” Brey said.

Any time anyone mentions Martin, the word “versatility” seems to come up. He will be critical to the Irish season, not only in basketball fundamentals, but in helping the team define it’s identity.

Martin articulated how his time spent away from the game has re-focused his approach.

“I’m not trying to go too far ahead, the year before I got too far ahead of myself and it didn’t end up well, so I’m just thankful that today I can play and tomorrow I can play and take it from there,” he said.

Notre Dame faces the Wisconsin Badgers tonight in the title game of the Old Spice Classic.

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