Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings 1-11-12



I’ve always said that doing power rankings is only fun (and worth reading) when the hierarchy is rather grey and things are up in the air. PRs are kind of stupid and pointless when you get towards the end of regular season and close to conference tournament time- if you’re the sort who has rankings similar to the standings.

But doing them now is rather fun! Are things grey instead of black and white? Well, Iowa won at the Kohl Center. Is the hierarchy up in the air? Purdue lost by 20 at Penn State. Questions answered.

Go here for our most recent Big East Power Rankings, which are probably more informative and accurate than the rankings below will turn out.


1) #6 Michigan State Spartans (15-2, 4-0)

15=longest winning streak since the 1998-99 season, when they won 22 in a row before losing to Duke in the Final Four. Keith Appling’s sophomore surge and the steadiness of Valpo transfer Brandon Wood has a lot to do with it.

2.) #7 Indiana Hoosiers (15-1, 3-1)

One of this season’s most surprising teams in all of college basketball. For more detail, and other surprise teams go here.

3.) #5 Ohio State Buckeyes (15-3, 3-2)

I’ve seriously overrated these guys in my last couple pieces on them. Watching them play on the road must seriously drive the fans in Columbus BUCKNUTS!!

4.) #13 Michigan Wolverines (13-3, 3-1)

Trey Burke and Jordan Morgan have been a pleasant surprise, Evan Smotcryzxyxysysssyq, oh I don’t feel like looking up the spelling right now, has been the biggest surprise of all.


Seriously, Michigan fans?? You’re ranked #13 and this is all you can draw versus a decent Northwestern team.

5.) Illinois Fighting Illini (15-3, 4-1)

I guess we do know their identity now: a team that plays up and down to its competition. They’ll beat Ohio State by the same score they beat Nebraska. Or to be more accurate, Brandon Paul beat Ohio State all by himself last night. 2013 NBA Draft stock report: Paul- Buying! Meyers Leonard- Selling!

6.) Purdue Boilermakers (13-4, 3-1)

They’re just as up and down and unpredictable as Illinois. That’s why it’s odd that they crushed the Illini so thoroughly at home on Dec 31.

7.) Wisconsin Badgers (12-5, 1-3)

They were nationally ranked? Seriously? Well, the win over #12 UNLV is impressive, but 3 home losses before winter break even ends? Ouch babe.


8.) Northwestern Wildcats (11-4, 1-2)

With an RPI of 33 you have to put them in the tourney conversation. But who have they played? Beaten? Good question! Seton Hall, who’ve had some Big East success and are now #24. Scheduling Baylor helped too, since they’re one of three unbeaten teams left.


9.) Iowa Hawkeyes (10-8, 2-3)
The UTTER DESTRUCTION in East Lansing kind of brought them back down to Earth.

10.) Minnesota Golden Gophers (12-5, 0-4)

So far, they’re making the biggest statement about the worthlessness of non-conference records.

 11.) Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-7, 0-4)

Does anybody follow this? No seriously, it’s just football season year round in Lincoln, right?

12.)  Penn State Nittany Lions (9-8, 1-3)

Kind of like 11 b. with NU 11 a. in these rankings. Purdue win was nice. Inexplicable, but nice.

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