Big East New Additions Make Horrible Mockery of Geography, Travel



It is being widely reported that the Big East conference is preparing to announce the additions of Boise State and San Diego State for college football only.

And Houston, Central Florida and SMU for all sports as soon as Wednesday. The five schools will join in 2013.

Let’s say that again: San Diego State, in the most SOUTHWEST portion of the United States, and Houston, a shirt drive from the GULF OF MEXICO is in the BIG EAST.

Remember when the NFL had a NFC West division with Atlanta, New Orleans and Carolina? Well that looks like brilliance and genius compared to this set up. The NHL saw they had one geographical division that made no sense, so they officially realigned today; so the BE went and did the opposite.


Forget about the arguments for tradition and rivalries, that’s a whole ‘nother column for another day. Look at the current realignment- how is that going to help some of these schools when it comes to travel times/costs. Think about all the sports that lose money, they’re truly going to be bleeding now.

And the Big East has a reputation as perhaps the strongest college hoops conference. That’ll change with the defections; and this does nothing to reinforce or the conference or bring it back in that regard.

San Diego State’s airline miles will probably end up putting enough C02 into the atmosphere to make sure global warming is permanently irreversible. Greenhouse gas emissions were at an all time high this past year, so it appears there won’t be anything left of Antarctica or north pole ice in summer in the next couple decades.

With the Big East additions today, and all the frequent flier miles these schools will rack up. I guess that will go ahead and finish all that off. Let’s just hope Madison Square Garden in midtown Manhattan isn’t underwater for the Big East conference tournament in 10 years.!

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  1. No offense, but SDSU and BSU will be football only. How is that so horrible on travel. It’s GREAT for them. However, for Houston, UCF, and SMU it is more questionable. Sure, football for them won’t be so horrible being in the BCS. However, since they will be ALL SPORTS, that will hurt them pretty bad in the pocket. I’m happy for SDSU though as i’ll hopefully be attending that school once I get out of the Army next year.

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