Sports Essay: Your Professional Guide in Argumentative Writing


When you study, you have to write different academic assignments. All of them are similar and at the same time, quite different. Thus, an argumentative essay differs from other projects. Argumentative writing demands to search for a certain position in some issue and provide reasoning. There should be several arguments that are supported by evidence to agree with that position.

One of the defining factors of any piece of writing is its direction. Thus, some argumentative essays are written about sports. It’s a popular direction, which is commonly adored by students. Let’s see how to compose argumentative research on sports.

Define a Theme to Write About

Everything begins with the main idea of a project. You should choose a good topic to analyze and discuss it. Some folks experience great difficulties when they try to find the main idea. It must be relevant, problem-solving, and useful. If you cannot define the topic, brainstorm your project. The theme of your argumentative writing is spa ort.  Therefore, write down all the concepts related to it.

You may also ask other people or read some materials. Look through sporting newspapers. They may provide you with a few interesting ideas to cover. When you select the topic, you should consider the following essentials:

  • Is it true?
  • Why did it occur?
  • Is it really important?
  • How can it be used?

Make sure the issue you want to support is currently interesting and can solve some problems. Thus, you may write about the issues of coaching or how to improve your results being an athlete. You can also stick to some popular kind of sport.

Thus, you may compare two kinds of gaming sports that are American football and European soccer. A researcher can support the strengths and spectacular action on American football. Another viewpoint is to support the elegance and techniques of soccer. No matter what side you choose, it’s a perspective topic. Why is it so great? Every argument should oppose a counterargument. Therefore, you will always have two contrary attitudes.

Besides, you should be aware of the types of argument claims. These are:

  1. Fact: Provide convincing data
  2. Definition: Identify the problem
  3. Value: Reveal the importance
  4. Cause and effect: Show consequences
  5. Proposal: Offer some solutions

Online Support as an Additional Source

At times, it’s really hard to compose an argumentative essay. A student may have brilliant ideas but has no idea about how to reveal them on the paper. To overcome this great difficulty, many folks seek online support. Different online platforms offer professional and timely assistance on any academic issue. Therefore, you should consider the option of using professional academic help provided by essay writing services online and their team of experts.

Craft a Proper Thesis Statement

Your project needs a strong and convincing thesis statement. It’s the central idea of the entire project. It is supposed to clearly clarify to your audience what you are going to speak about and why it’s so essential. Therefore, you ought to take it seriously. Make it really impactful.

Summarize all the concepts you have and try to define the best one. Your thesis should be written in dependence on the topic and evidence you have gathered. We have already identified 5 major types of argument claims. Now, let’s see how to create a central question with regard to our topic.

  • Fact: Why people adore football/soccer?
  • Definition: What football/soccer is?
  • Cause: How does it affect people and what it means to them?
  • Value: Why is football/soccer so important?
  • Proposal: How can football/soccer benefit people?

Plan your thesis in dependence on the type you have chosen. Put the correct question, and you will identify the right continuation of your research.

Consider Counterarguments

As we have already said, argumentative writing requires a counterargument. When you show the opposing opinion, the picture becomes fuller. Your readers see that there is another viewpoint. When you refute the counterargument, you show how competent you are. Your readers understand that you really understand the sense and value of the topic you research.

Football and soccer are two popular games, which are known by millions of people. However, they are very different. Show their differences and support one of these games. Thus, if you support soccer, you can tell that football is too brutal. On the contrary, football lovers may claim that soccer isn’t that energetic and impressive.

Have a Plan

Always outline your argumentative writing. It saves time and strengths. As you know every stage of writing, you never miss something important. Your outline should include preliminary stages (topic selection and gathering evidence), writing (introduction, main body, and conclusion), and post-writing phase (editing and proofreading).

As you draft your paper, you can reconsider the entire project. Don’t write a single copy and submit it. Take some time. Write at least two drafts to find out how argumentative your sports essay writing is.

Tell a captivating story, have a plain structure, proper transitions, and examples. Conclude convincingly and interpret the results of your research. Afterward, revise your paper and improve it. Fix all the errors and weak points. Reread your paper at least twice. After you’re sure it’s perfect, submit it.

An argumentative project is an interesting assignment. People who like to prove their theories with approved facts really like it. Use the tips mentioned in this guide to create a strong strategy, which will beat any counterargument.

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