Online football betting in Spain: a full guide



As far as betting in Spain goes, it doesn’t get much more popular than betting on football. Of course, this sport is in the blood of Spanish people, and it’s far to say that the Spanish style of play is pretty exciting to watch. In this post, we’d like to cover how you can actually bet on football in Spain today, as well as provide you with a few pieces of important betting advice. Just read on for all of the details! 

Where to bet 

To state the obvious, if you are to bet on football, you need to find a place that is open to accept sports wagers. While there are physical betting shops around Spain, it is far more convenient to actually sign-up to an online sports betting site. This gives you access to the betting markets on a 24/7 basis, as you can just log-in to your account through your laptop, PC, or smartphone. And on that note, we have a pretty cool site for you to check out – These guys are fairly new to the game, but with decent bonuses, competitive odds, and a great range of markets for football, you won’t be disappointed by betting on this platform. 

So now that you have a good platform concerning where to place your bets, how about the most popular league to bet on?


La Liga betting 

As the premier domestic football league in Spain, La Liga is the one that you just have to wager on. With games being played on a weekly basis, you will never be without betting options, and of course – it’s exciting to watch these games once you’ve made your wagers too. If you are considering betting on La Liga, you’ve got a couple of avenues to go down. 

Outright markets 

These are the betting markets in which you bet on what the ultimate outcome will be at the end of the season. You can make these wagers at any time you like, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be before the season begins. Some of the more common outright markets include the likes of outright league winners, top goalscorers, ‘to be relegated’, and more.  

Individual games 

Unlike outright markets where you are betting on events that will conclude at the end of the season, here you can bet on individual games as and when they are played. You can bet on moneyline markets, handicaps, over/unders, and even make accumulator bets for individual games – and there are plenty of free betting tips floating around these days too! 

Key teams 

In La Liga, there are pretty much three teams that constantly battle it out for the title. And as you might imagine, these teams attract plenty of attention in the betting markets. While some punters look at these teams as ‘sure bets’ when they play lower-ranked opponents, you can get some great odds for when they play teams that are closer in the standings. Without further ado, here are the teams to look out for in La Liga: 


Barcelona has long been a powerhouse of Spanish football, and the style of play with this team is very easy on the eye. Barcelona is packed with awesome players too, with Lionel Messi being the main man right now.  

atletico madrid

Atletico Madrid 

At the time of writing, Atletico Madrid is blitzing La Liga, as they are in the first position with several points more than Real Madrid – with two games in hand! And guess what, they are still not huge favorites among the bookies, which means now could be a great time to back them to win the league. 

Real Madrid 

Real Madrid may have lost a bit of strength since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, but they still have guys like Benzema, Ramos, and others leading the pack. It’s not just La Liga where you can bet on Real Madrid either, for they are always an option to back in the Champions League too. 

real madrid

More features with online sports betting 

Once you sign-up with your preferred sports betting platform, there are a few additional features that you should make use of to get the very best experience. Here are some of these features that you can expect to find at the top platforms: 

  • Live streaming 
  • In-play betting 
  • Cash-out options 
  • Bet builders 
  • Mobile app betting 

As stated above, the top sites will have a blend of these features, and these allow you to really squeeze the value out of having an account with such providers. 


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