Just how big is mobile gambling?



Mobile gambling is a type of online gambling making waves around the world right now. When online gambling started, people were using PCs and Laptops to play. PCs dominated online gambling then. Due to technological advancements, it is now possible to use a mobile phone to play. Smartphones and tablets are now the top choices of online gamblers.

From time to time, people are getting obsessed with mobile gambling for so many reasons. Convenience is one of them; everyone likes the idea of comfort that mobile gaming offers. Many people who play at casinos have one work or the other to attend to during the early hours of the day. They would find it difficult to drive through the busy roads to a land-based casino with a stressed body and mind. That is where the advantage of mobile gaming comes in.

Another good reason is accessibility. With the concept of mobile gaming, casino games are at our fingertips. Anywhere we find ourselves, whether in the office, home, stuck up in traffic, in parks, we can always log-in to the casino sites and play. Portability is another factor to consider, comparing the size of personal computers with the size of mobiles. Mobile phones are assets we find comfortable to take around with us, unlike PCs and Macs.

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Brief History

Until some years ago, people could only use PCs to gamble online. Computers still offered the best gambling experience until the phone software became top-notch. Phone technologies are now better, and people find it appealing to gamble with their mobiles. As the years go by, crowds are into mobile gambling – three years ago, the gambling market made revenue of 80 billion dollars. This revenue was from iGaming, online gambling, and many others.

How big will Mobile Gambling be in the next few years?

The gambling industry has been recording massive growth since the arrival of mobile gambling. Mobile gambling began to boost the market in 2007 when Apple introduced the iPhone. Since then, smartphones have been competing for sales and recognition in the tech world. Mobile phone users were increasing like never before. In 2018, mobile gambling was generating a greater percentage of the revenue for the gambling industry. It is expected to deliver more in the coming years. Gambling companies are now focusing on mobile platforms before considering other platforms. In 2021, the gambling industry is perceived to be a multi-billion-dollar company. Millions of mobile gamblers are connected along with different casino sites. The use of VPNs has made users connect to casino sites limited to citizens of a country.

Games on mobiles are now looking real that players don’t even want to visit land-based casinos like before. Mobile casinos are on a fast track to success due to mobile gamers.

Reasons why Mobile Gambling will grow

The number of phone users in the world now is a big reason why mobile gambling is on its way to success. Software developers are now building apps for mobile users to gamble swiftly. The alarming increase in the number of phone users will make gambling industries generate more from online gambling.

Even till 2021, there are still millions of people without a phone, and there are still more millions without an android, iOS, and Windows phone. If the industry can be still generating that much from online gambling; imagine how much will be generated in the few years to come. There is a probability that the number of phone users will increase by 300 million before the end of the year. Online gambling will surely benefit from this development.

Year after year, different companies making mobile phones continue to improve their phone capabilities. Newer versions with improved specifications are released. It is an advantage of mobile gambling because there will be more phones available for efficient usage. Better graphics and navigations will make gaming comfortable. The mobile companies also do a follow-up on the use of the devices they create. Looking at the diversion of the casino world to mobile phone usage, steps will be taken to improve the gaming mode and utilities.

The quest for PCs has been reducing these recent years. People are no more into PCs like before because mobile phones can now do most of what PCs do. Functions like online gaming, freelancing, payment of bills, subscriptions, etc. are now conveniently done on phones. Although PCs have the advantage of wider screens, an average user prefers a portable and convenient device capable of a lot compared to a larger device.

If you want to enjoy mobile gambling to the fullest, you need to choose online casino sites with lots of varieties. Sites with simple navigations are also suitable for smartphones, considering the screen size. Complex navigations cause more confusion on smartphones. Mobile gaming is getting bigger than we expected and in years to come, it would be contributing billions of dollars to the gambling industry.

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