How Competitive Shooting Promotes Discipline


By Jason Verduzco

There have been increased calls to the banning of firearms, particularly the long rifles in the recent past, especially after the fatal killing of students and the injury of a dozen more in school shootings. The killings at a school in Florida, led to nationwide protests against gun ownership with the protestors calling for stricter gun control laws so as to avoid such an occurrence in the future.

However, the shootings have done little to wane the popularity of gun clubs across the country. There are around 5000 rifle teams both in high school and universities in the United States. Despite the age bracket of the members of these teams being young people, their parents are very encouraged by the positive changes that they see in their kids.

Some of the benefits that the parents are experiencing in their kids include

  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility

One of the parents who accompanied her daughter to a session says that her daughter has been a member of a rifle team for two years, which is involved in competitive shooting, can see tremendous improvement in her daughter’s life. She adds that her daughter is now more focused; her motivation is very high and has also learnt to set her own goals which are all hallmarks of discipline. Another student concurs by stating that she learns something new every time she goes out on the firing range.

One of the most influential people is Coach JP O’Connor, who teaches shooting at the University of North Georgia. According to the coach, the most important thing on the field is mental stability and stamina. He continues to say that when a person is mentally strong, then they are able to handle life’s challenges easily and more confident. Additionally, the coach is bent on ensuring that his team members appreciate the risks of riffles and how to handle them responsibly. He states that there has been a huge difference between his team members and the other students.

Clubs which prepare their members for competitive shooting use a variety of guns from hand guns to rifles.

In this way the students know how to handle different guns and in the process also learn the vital skills towards handling different situations in their lives. The guns the members of the shooting teams use can be bought on authorizing firearms sellers or on the internet through authorized gun auction sites. Additionally, as a member of a competitive shooting team, one has to be disciplined in order to endure the long hours spent lying down, standing and kneeling while at the target practice.

Being involved in competitive shooting promotes self-awareness as well as a lot of discipline.

There has been a lot of debate in the recent past on the issue of guns, especially due to gun perpetrated violence. However, shooting clubs have come up with a solution to the menace – by teaching youngsters responsible use of the firearm. Competitive shooting is one of the means which not only ensures that the youngsters learn responsible use of the firearm, but it also enhances discipline in the youngsters in a profound way.

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