Choosing a football betting strategy


In the previous sections, we talked about the best football strategies. Which one to choose? Speaking of financial systems, it is best to use Flat in football, especially when it comes to beginners. This technique allows you to play with minimal risk. That is, even if you lose a dozen bets in a row, you will still have money in your account. As soon as the player becomes more experienced, you can switch to progressive online betting tactics.

Gaming strategies deserve special attention. At first, it is recommended to place free bets and test different options – outcome, odds, totals and special markets. Analyze what you can predict better, and then feel free to start betting on money.

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And finally, let’s give an answer to the most common question among novice bettors – is it possible to make money on football? The answer is yes, but each player should take into account a number of nuances.

Fixed games. Despite the active struggle against this phenomenon, “agreements” will be an integral part of the football world for a long time to come. Of course, in the major championships, the likelihood of a fixed match is reduced to zero, but no one is immune from this in lesser-known leagues;

Football cannot be the same everywhere. In each country (region) they play in a special way. For example, teams from Southern Europe or Latin America are tough, they play dirty and they like to pretend. On the contrary, English and German clubs do not allow themselves this – their style of football is more restrained;

The most dangerous time for betting on football is the beginning of a new season. The odds for the favorites are unusually large, but it is at the start that they most often lose to obvious outsiders;

The status of “derby” complicates forecasting doubly. We have already partially touched on this topic earlier. In such fights, the teams are laid out to the fullest. Often two powerful clubs take part in the derby, but there are also cases when a favorite with an overly motivated underdog is in the same pair. In such hands, anyone can win;

Note to live betting fans: the most active part of the game is the last 15 minutes of the match. It is in the interval from 75 to 90 minutes with zeros on the scoreboard that the first goal can be scored, the favorite will unexpectedly equalize and even be able to take the lead, and the number of corners or shots on target will increase significantly;

If in live mode the pre-match layouts of the Mostbet uz bookmaker are not justified, the odds for these outcomes increase significantly. For example, if the favorite of the match fails to score the opponent’s goal in the first 15 minutes, the quotes for his victory will increase. The same applies to potentially scoring matches: if after 15-30 minutes of the meeting no goals are scored, the odds for totals will become much higher;

Professional bettors recommend avoiding betting on different football championships and focusing on 1-3 leagues as much as possible. So the player can become a real expert of the selected competitions, which will significantly increase the quality of forecasts.

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