Four great reasons to buy a four-wheel-drive SUV


Four-wheel drive sports utility vehicles or SUVs may have a bad image as macho gas guzzlers taking up a lot of space on suburban streets, but there are still some great reasons for buying one. They can provide an excellent asset for your family life, and for sportsmen, they are a necessity.

Safer driving in tough conditions

The worst driving conditions usually involve snow and ice, but heavy rain can also be very hazardous. Wet roads pose a serious risk of hydroplaning. In a 4WD, the power goes to all four wheels giving better traction in poor conditions, and the substantial 4wd tyres also offer more grip on a wet surface. The mighty traction and stability offered by a 4WD drive SUV can tackle these all too common conditions much more efficiently than the average car. The sturdy build of the 4WD SUV also gives the driver and their passengers a feeling of safety and security if the going gets rough. 

Loads of space for your gear

Of course, the average four-wheel-drive SUV is much more imposing than most cars from the outside, but it will also pack a lot more punch on the inside. With a spacious trunk and wide seats, the average SUV can swallow up a family,  dogs, and a generous amount of groceries with ease. The larger cab is also higher and has more leg space than a sedan – great for the taller driver. If you are planning a  trip, the flexibility to flatten those back seats down will give you enough space for tents, camping kit, and hunting equipment. You could even stow away a couple of bodyboards for a day at the beach.

The advantages of height

The average SUV is 6 foot 4 inches in height compared to the average sedan, for example, a Toyota Corolla, which is 4 foot 9 inches high. Obviously, this will give you a feeling of superiority! However, it also gives you a great view over the traffic around you and helps you to anticipate threats from oncoming traffic quicker. You need to keep your eyes on the road, of course, but your passengers will appreciate the fantastic views that their elevated position will give them.

Off-road ability

So this is what an  SUV is all about  – getting off those suburban roads and into the great outdoors. The excellent traction will give greater stability off-road and on rural tracks inaccessible for other cars. The chassis hanging high above those four-wheel-drive tyres is going to keep you and the engine out of trouble from ruts and shallow floods that would stop your average car in its tracks.

If you are worried about the green credentials of the SUV, be assured that most manufacturers are thinking green too. Hybrids and electric models are increasingly available. Ford, Toyota, and Honda are amongst the car manufacturers producing four-wheel-drive SUVs that still give all the advantages of the SUV and yet respect the planet. 


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