Polaris Ranger – The Best Choice for Adventure Seekers

Polaris Ranger is deemed to be one of the best utility vehicles in the market. It is not just popular among farmers, traders and businessmen but also a rage among adventure seekers and sports enthusiasts. Hunters are particularly fond of this compact yet spacious UTV that offers a smooth drive. Most of them, however, opt for a sturdier bumper to stay more guarded while driving through rough terrains as they head for an adventure spree. Let us take a closer look at the reasons for the growing popularity of Polaris Ranger among adventure seekers and also the need to opt for a study bumper.

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How do I prove my car is a lemon?

Consumer Protection Laws

All 50 states across the United States have lemon laws to protect consumers if they should buy a car, and it happens to be a lemon.
Some state lemon laws are cut and dry. Other states, like California, have an extensive, complicated, and complex set of lemon laws. Consumers have to know how to navigate the lemon law system. It is advisable to hire a Lemon Law Attorney in California to help you sort through California’s Lemon Laws.

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New NASCAR Betting Partnership a Sign of Things to Come

As sports betting becomes legal in more American states, the activity continues to become more mainstream. Just a few days ago, NASCAR and BetMGM, a sports betting and iGaming platform,  announced a multi-year sports betting partnership.

This is an indication of what is to come, across the board with American sports leagues. For now it’s all about partnering online, but once we get through this pandemic, and obviously that’s not going to be for a very long time, but when we do, we’ll see brick-and-mortar integration become commonplace.

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Daytona Road Course to Host First Ever NASCAR Cup Series Race


Daytona is synonymous with auto racing, most specifically NASCAR, as it hosts the league’s Super Bowl, the Daytona 500, every February. So much history has been made at Daytona international Speedway, but this weekend sees a first coming to the Daytona Road Course.

The inaugural Go Bowling 235 will run this Sunday at 3 p.m. ET on NBC, MRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. It was slated to be run on Watkins Glen, in upstate New York, but COVID-19 concerns and restrictions forced NASCAR to change course (literally and figuratively).

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A Quick & Easy Checklist for Selling Your Sports Car Online

In the United States, it’s expected that more than 230 million people will shop online at least once per year, according to Statista data. Not only is it increasingly convenient to shop for household products on sites like Amazon, but major purchases like car sales now begin online too. In some cases, you can even sell your car without ever meeting the buyer in person. 

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New Sports Cars to be Excited About in 2021

The car industry keeps evolving by the day. Developers are coming up with new and better car models that are taking the market by storm. Every car brand is working hard to release new car inventions for their customers to drive and enjoy.

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Catalytic Converter Repair: Everything You Need to Know

Numerous mechanics and car aficionados will concur that driving a vehicle with an awful catalytic converter isn’t too risky. In any case, after some time a stopped up converter can prompt some quite serious motor harm.  

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Is this the End of the Formula 1 Road for Sebastian Vettel?

There was an air of inevitability about the news that four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel would be parting company from Ferrari at the end of the season. Indeed, if 2020 was not running to the current abridged schedule, there would surely have been a strong possibility that he would be gone even sooner. 

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FBI Joins NASCAR in Noose Investigation, Lifetime Ban for Perpetrator

NASCAR President Steve Phelps made it absolutely clear- whomever placed the noose in the garage of Bubba Wallace will be banned from the sport forever.

“Unequivocally they will be banned from this sport for life,” Phelps said on a conference call with the media minutes ago.  “There is no room for this at all.  We won’t tolerate it.  They won’t be here.  I don’t care who they are, they will not be here.”

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