Everett Golson returns from his suspension to Notre Dame


Everett Golson returned to Notre Dame it was just announced. They kicked him out of school, you might remember for academic issues.It was reported by an outlet specializing in ND that Everett Golson failed to record a grade in accounting class. The former starting QB on the national runner up team has not spoken publicly since he gave an interview to a very small South Carolina radio station over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

We don’t know when Everett Golson will next be made available to the media.


The Twitter account of Blue and Gold Illustrated said Everett Golson didn’t get a grade for an accounting class. They may or may not have since retracted that statement. Other outlets reported Everett Golson committed a residence hall violation. Bottom line we still don’t know.

What we do know is Golson is being very guarded right now, not opening up about anything. In the same clandestine, guarded manner in which Notre Dame expelled him. Not only did they release the “Everett Golson, hey thanks for coming!” news on a Saturday; when NO ONE WORKS. But late on a Saturday night on Memorial Day weekend. NO ONE was online. And they released it at the exact moment that the Chicago Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup playoff game. So the press release went out at the absolute perfect moment for the national media being off the clock; and the local Chicago media being occupied with something else.

Pretty crafty ND! And pretty crafty Everett Golson! Giving your one interview to a small station on a Holiday weekend when no one was working. Rather clever! And the announcement of Everett Golson returning from his suspension comes on a Friday at 5. When everyone has left for work already.

Game. Set. Match.

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