Notre Dame QB Everett Golson kicked out of school for academic problems



University of Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson has left the school. News of the Everett Golson departure is all over Twitter. It’s been confirmed by Notre Dame spokespeople. This situation is summed up best by South Bend sports talk radio host Craig Williams of 95.7 The Fan.


Pretty much. Not only is this released on a Saturday; when NO ONE WORKS. But late on a Saturday night on Memorial Day weekend. NO ONE is online right now. And they released this news at the exact moment that the Chicago Blackhawks win a Stanley Cup playoff game. So this press release goes out at the absolute perfect moment for the national media being off the clock; and the local Chicago media being occupied with something else.

Pretty crafty ND!

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Everett Golson led the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to the national title game as a sophomore.

As for how that national tide game went…well, the Alabama Crimson Tide made a lot of fans within the college football universe that evening. ND saying “hey, thanks for coming!” to Everett Golson. Brian Kelly with Tommy Rees and Andrew Hendrix to work with in the quarterback situation. Consensus #1 quarterback recruit Gunner Kiel, was committed to Notre Dame, but he left school to transfer to Cincinnati.

Gunner Kiel committed to Indiana, LSU, ND and then finally the Bearcats. He has yet to play a down of college football. Hendrix provides a dual threat for the Irish;  and Rees has a lot of experience. Not all of it is good, as Rees is known to create a lot of turnovers.

Everett Golson overcame a concussion this past fall. He was consulted by Dr. Moriarty, one of the lead guys in concussion treatment. But Golson isn’t leaving for medical reasons. Golson withdrew from the university due to an academic code violation. According to Dan Murphy of Blue and Gold Illustrated, Everett Golson didn’t receive a grade in accounting class this semester. That forfeits all grades he received this semester.

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