Trent Dilfer sees Brett Favre in Johnny Manziel


brett favre johnny manziel

Is Johnny Manziel the next Brett Favre? That’s what Trent Dilfer, the game manager of all game-managers thinks. The ESPN analyst was evaluating Manziel’s draft stock, as actually all ESPN talking heads did, and he sees the ol’ gunslinger in there. Manziel officially officially declared today, even though we all knew he was going to since last summer.

NFL analyst Trent Dilfer: “Watching his game tape, the only quarterback I can compare him to from an instinct standpoint is Brett Favre. Johnny Manziel has eyes in the back of his head. He flat-out sees stuff that other people don’t see, and that’s why he’s special.”


Beyond Brett Favre here’s what a couple other experts from the WWL had to say:

NFL analyst Ron Jaworski: “I do like his ball position. His drop is smooth. His release is smooth. It’s compact. All those little things are very, very important. The arm strength seems to be fine, but until I see him live it’s really hard to say ‘yeah, he spins it great.’”

College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit: “From an intangible standpoint, I think from an ability to make throws, he’s worked as hard as any quarterback I’ve ever seen.”

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