Kaley Cuoco Super Bowl ad was very underrated: video



Kaley Cuoco isn’t your average genie. She’s modern, smart and stylish. And extremely sexy, no matter what she’s wearing. Whenever I pictured a genie, it was a very burly shirtless Arab man. But Penny from “The Big Bang Theory” is a lot more eye-catching than Aladdin. For the Super Bowl she was pitching the Toyota RAV4 that her genie character lives inside.

Did we mention Cuoco is super hot? I just don’t get what’s so wrong about this commercial? It’s been bashed to death by the professional critics (yes, advertisements have pro critics) as never ending. It’s not long at all. And I don’t recall many Super Bowl ads that were any more unique, creative or original as this one.


Plus it ends with the 90s hip-hop one-hit wonder “I wish” my Skee-Lo. When you’re stuck in the 90s like me, it works. You can add to the 14 million views on YouTube by watching below. But first you have to sit through an ad; to watch an ad. Then the Earth eats itself and the whole universe collapses.

By the way Cuoco is a ping-pong champion.

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