Danica affirms her Chicago Bears partisanship



Maybe you think the Danica Patrick coverage on this site is excessive. To that I say, she is our “home team” NASCAR racer. Danica hails from Northern Illinois, and this site is based in Chicago. She is an Illinois woman. And this website puts Illinois first.

Besides unless Danica really does something newsworthy. Or something really newsworthy happens with Danica, you usually only get two (the race preview and the post-results analysis) stories on her per week.

Now you get a third.

From an interview Danica did with NASCAR:

The NFL opens its season this week. How big of a Chicago Bears fan are you?

“I go to games every year. I’m a big Bears fan, for sure. I always watch their games. I even get nervous for their games. That means I’m a fan, right? I’m sure I’m not the biggest fan, but I’m a big fan, for sure,” Danica said.

And with that, perhaps Danica is the most attractive Bears fan in the world? Who else you got?


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