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Michigan Basketball: Currently Much More Relevant than Michigan Football


Michigan basketball coach John Beilein will make $2.84 million this year; Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh will make $9 million. Yes, think about that- Harbaugh makes more than three times what Beilein does, despite the incredibly vast gap in accomplishment between the two men. Beilein’s team will certainly see more favorable odds from online casinos this March madness than Harbaugh did during the bowl season. That’s understandable, as UM hoops has been much more successful in their respective postseason than the football program has. 

Some will say it’s unfair to make a comparison like this as Beilein is in his 11th season as Michigan basketball coach while Harbaugh has completed only three. Well, when you get all the incessant media coverage that Harbaugh does, along with much bigger bucks, then you must be scrutinized, despite the less than large sample size.

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Mo Wagner Could Ring Cycle His Way into the NBA Draft

mo wagner

Mo Wagner might be the only true NBA Draft hopes for the B1G outside of East Lansing; at least this year. Certainly so for the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft.

In Jaren Jackson, Michigan State has a sure fire lottery pick. In Miles Bridges, they have a likely late lottery/mid first round prospect. Beyond that, it’s pretty much only Mr. Moritz Wagner who possesses any potential to crack the first round. After him, Vince Edwards at Purdue could be a second round pick, ditto for Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ and Ohio State’s Keita Bates-Diop.

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2018 NFL Mock Draft 2-6-18


Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft. Team needs were somewhat taken into account for the 2018 NFL mock draft, at least as much as we could at this point. It’s still very early for a 2018 mock draft right now, and team needs will not be fully accounted for until AFTER NFL free agency ends.

For our NBA mock draft go here. With only 32 picks to go around, yes, there will be a guy or two that you feel very strongly should be a first rounder, but got left out. Sorry, but it’s inevitable.

Also, many of you will strongly disagree with the projections here, and with the write-ups, but try to be respectful about it in the comments section.

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USC, Lions Legend Rodney Peete Talks Kitten Bowl, New Reality Show (Exclusive)

rodney peete

USC Trojans and Detroit Lions legend Rodney Peete (@RodneyPeete9 on Twitter) is one of three celebrities doing color commentary for Kitten Bowl V tomorrow. The co-host of Roggin and Rodney (@rogginandrodney) on AM 570 Los Angeles (@AM570LASports), M-F noon-2, once played for the Philadephia Eagles, and his wife, actress Holly Robinson Peete, is from Philly, so the Peetes will be pulling for Eagles in Super Bowl 52.

Rodney Peete was gracious enough to grant us an exclusive interview ahead of the Kitten Bowl, and in addition to that event, we talked several other topics including his new reality show premiering on Hallmark Channel, his Chicago Bears family connections, the battles against the Michigan State Spartans and UCLA Bruins during his USC days and much much more.

kitten bowl v

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Illini Revenue Sports Disaster Still Not at Northwestern “Dark Ages” Depths

Illini fans have used many different names to describe the catastrophe that the two revenue-producing sports have become: dumpster fire, tire fire, house on fire, a cartoon dog sitting in the middle of a house fire saying “this is fine.” As egregiously awful as it currently is, and will likely be for a long time, it’s still not unprecedented- not in this conference, and not in this state.

If you go back to the 1980s, a time that many Northwestern fans often refer to as “the dark ages,” you’ll see that things can be worse. It’s always darkest, right before it gets pitch black. Tonight the Illini will welcome #9 Michigan State to their home court, and that’s coincidental (watch a BTN announcer will incorrectly call this “ironic”) as it was these same Spartans who were the most recent team to fall victim to an Illinois revenue producing team back on March 1st.

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Forwards Vince Edwards and Keita Bates-Diop in Fierce B1G POY Race

vince-edwards purdue basketball

At this point it’s a two horse race for the B1G Player of the Year between Vince Edwards of the #3 Purdue Boilermakers and Keita Bates-Diop of #22 Ohio State. They are both the alpha dog on the two teams that have most pleasantly surprised in the league this season. Even in the off-night he had tonight at Northwestern, Bates-Diop still almost had a double double.

His 10 points and eight rebounds effort ended a stretch which saw him become the first Ohio State player to score at least 25 points in three straight games since Michael Redd in 1998.

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Michigan State Basketball Rules the B1G, Purdue is Solid, the Rest is Meh


This current Michigan State basketball team is the class of the B1G, and there is a substantial drop-off below the Spartans. The Purdue Boilermakers were able to shake off a couple bad performances in the Bahamas over Thanksgiving weekend, and now they look very solid.

Then, once again, there’s a massive drop-off to the rest of the league. It’s MSU, Purdue and then just a bunch of guys. Some of those guys are better than the others, but there is no squad that is must see other than the Purdue and Michigan State basketball teams.

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Five LSU Tigers NFL Draft Prospects to watch in the Citrus Bowl

Consistently one of the top college football powerhouses in the country every year, the LSU Tigers send several talented athletes to the NFL each April. The 2018 draft (full mock available at this link) looks to be no different, as a number of Louisiana State prospects are projected to be taken by an NFL team in the first three rounds.

Here’s a quick look at your top five LSU Tigers projected to go pro this spring. Keep an eye on them in the Citrus Bowl today versus Notre Dame (full game preview available at this link).

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#14 Notre Dame Football: Citrus Bowl Preview vs #17 LSU Tigers

It’s rematch time in Orlando as this season’s Citrus Bowl brings back the same match-up of the 2014 Music City Bowl. Notre Dame football fans recall that clash in Nashville, when the unranked Fighting Irish came in at 7-5 and 7.5 point underdogs and upset the Tigers 31-28

It was the coming out party for quarterback Malik Zaire who won both the game and the press conference that day, providing an excellent repartee to a reporter who asked the cliche “Rudy” question. #GeauxIrish a take-off of LSU’s signature #GeauxTigers battle cry was a trending hash tag that day, but to be more authentic Notre Dame football fans should have converted their text from French to Gaelic.


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Northwestern Football: Music City Bowl Preview vs Kentucky Wildcats

malik-zaire-music-city-bowl lsu notre dame jaylon smith

For the Northwestern football fan griping about landing in the Music City Bowl, instead of in a so-called “better” bowl game, there’s a much you need edification on. While I do agree with you on a whole lot of points, and admit a strong case for your argument exists, there are still some things you need to be schooled on. 

You have come to the right place, because school is now in session. 

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#16 Michigan State Football: Holiday Bowl Preview vs #18 Washington State

brian lewerke

There is nothing Michigan State football fans love more than to get one up on Michigan, and right up there, just below that is griping about when the Wolverines undeservedly get one up on them. Hence the HILARIOUS meme below.

Of course, the Holiday Bowl is actually a better game than the Outback, and San Diego is a much, MUCH better city than Tampa Bay.

Not to mention the Spartans got matched with a superior opponent than the Wolverines did as well. Hey, the bowl selection process is a whole lot of things, but a meritocracy has never been one of them.

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