Oregon Ducks vs Michigan St: Brutally honest preview


Like Kermit the Frog told us, “it’s not easy being green.” It’s the primary color of both teams playing the primary college football game of the preconference. Well, sort of. The Oregon Ducks now have about 1,345 different team colors; because Oregon rolls out a new uniform for just about every drive of every game of every season.

The University of Nike Product Development and Marketing Focus Groups has a foil in Stanford. If the Cardinal wore green instead, you’d have the Michigan State Spartans. The college football pundits at FOX Sports agree with me.

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California Golden Bears QB Jared Goff: a budding star


The Cal offense goes by many names: “The System,” “Air Raid,” “Bear Raid.”

“The System” sounds like something UC-Berkley students would protest against. Hey man, meet me by Sather Gate at 4:20 pm dude, we’re gonna demonstrate against THE SYSTEM broham. There’s going to be a massive demonstration on Telegraph Hill.

Califiornia Golden Bears Coach Sonny Dykes has his finger on the button of the system, and he’s handed controls over to sophomore quarterback Jared Goff. He has a budding star developing at the position.

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Kent State vs. Ohio U. was a classic MAC battle

The Kent State Golden Flashes and the Ohio University Bobcats opened their respective Mid-American Conference (MAC) seasons at Dix Stadium in Kent, Ohio in front of a crowd of 22,754.  Kent State is coming off of a disappointing 4-8 record during the 2013 season while the Bobcats are coming off of a 7-6 mark and a 5th consecutive bowl game appearance.

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2 Legit 2 Quit Cal Golden Bears drop Hammer on Northwestern


Here comes the Hammer down on Northwestern Wildcats football, courtesy of the Cal Golden Bears. The boys from Berkley looked 2 Legit 2 Quit as they hit NU with a dose of Oaktown power “and charge you by the hour” as they were “shakin like a quake,” right from kickoff.

“California, California..knows how to pass. Knows how to pass,” as QB Jared Goff was 12-18 for 186 yards and 3 TDs in the first half. 

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Fearless 2014 MAC Football Preview – East Division

So, here are our picks for the MAC – East Division for the 2014 football season (in order of projected finish):

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VIDEO: USC suspends lying CB Josh Shaw indefinitely


USC cornerback Josh Shaw came clean about fabricating a story that he rescued his nephew from drowning and how he leapt from a second floor balcony to save him. Shaw lied about how he suffered ankle injuries, the school announced Wednesday.

Josh Shaw, who has become a trending national story, was suspended from the team indefinitely.

“We are extremely disappointed in Josh,” USC Coach Steve Sarkisian said in a statement. “He let us all down. As I have said, nothing in his background led us to doubt him when he told us of his injuries, nor did anything after our initial vetting of his story.”

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West Virginia QB says he kissed Kristen Saban, Nick’s daughter


Both Kristen Saban, daughter of Alabama Coach Nick Saban, and West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett are no strangers to controversy. Trickett is known for shooting his mouth off with socially regressive, sexist drivel on Twitter. Take a look, he hit all the gender-bashing cliches in under 140 characters; so he’s efficient in his misogyny.

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Cal Golden Bears vs NU Wildcats: brutally honest preview


Yes, we have real football again! FINALLY. College football begins in four days. Northwestern football is back! The Cal Golden Bears are back! The Big Ten is back! The Pac 12 is back!

And NU (remember it’s NU, STOP saying NW) vs Cal is one of the better games of this college football weekend. The spread is between 5 and 6 points, depending on who you talk to. Or don’t talk to. This is a family show here! The point is, most Big Ten and Pac 12 teams are loading up on cupcakes in week one, while Northwestern  and Cal Golden Bears are playing each other squad.

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Venric Mark, Josh Freeman, Jameis Winston and the curse of jersey #5


Venric Mark is just the latest example of how every star football player who wears #5 will inevitably get into some major off-the-field drama. At least, he’s a local example, Jameis Winston is obviously the perfect national example.

I know this because #5 was my number when I played high school football, and I still use it in all my internet handle/email things paulbo05 etc.

Details of the curse of #5 articulated here.

Examples include: Everett Golson, Manti Te’o, Josh Freeman, Reggie Bush, Rashard Mendenhall, Kerry Collins, Paul Hornung, Mikel Leshoure, Donovan McNabb Jameis Winston, and Chris Kluwe.

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Tim Tebow to serve as SEC Network Florida Gators “reporter”


It makes sense that Tim Tebow got a commentating job with ESPN. After all, Bristol served as a de facto publicist for him for many years. (don’t forget CBS, they functioned as Tebow’s PR flak for many years too)

Now to me, Tebow has never said anything even remotely interesting in an interview ever, and that conference call he did around New Year’s announcing his foray into broadcasting was just plain brutal.

Listening to that was about as exciting as paying utility bills. But Tebow’s inherent boringness, and the fact that he’ll be very boring on television aside, we have to ask ourselves what will SEC Network actually be when they flip the switch on Thursday night?

Will it be an actual news channel? Or will it be like the Big Ten Network- a giant press release in television network form? I think we got an answer now.

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WR Stefon Diggs: a reason to care about Maryland football


As I’ve been saying for years, both Maryland football and Maryland basketball happen to be the ACC versions of the Illini, I have a soft spot for the Terps. With the University of Illinois being my alma mater and all. Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney badly wanted the television arm of his public relations department, that being the Big Ten Network, to be watched on TV sets in the Washington D.C. market.

So now Delaney has two Illini, regular Illini and ACC Illini, in his league. As we welcome the Long John Silver’s of the college football into the Big Ten, I’m kind of excited for their arrival, even if you’re not.

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Ohio State once again Big Ten favorite, MSU not far behind


Big Ten Media Days start tomorrow, as the season is now a month and change away.  The league actually does it much later than the other power conferences, so if you think this is too early, than you must really think the other leagues are insanely early. Over the weekend, the Big Ten released its preseason poll, and the usual favorite in Columbus, is once again expected to win it all. However, Michigan State is right up there as well. 

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