2016 NFL mock draft 11-17-15

nfl draft town 2016 nfl mock draft

This 2016 NFL mock draft order, #1-#10 at least, is derived from Niners Nation, the 49ers community on SB Nation. They took current record plus strength of schedule to determine the top ten.

Picks #22-#32 were based on a composite of current NFL power rankings. Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account. We played fast and loose with that because it’s still quite early. So many of these picks are “Best player available.”

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USC football coaching search: Chip Kelly, Sean Payton in mix?

usc football sarkisian

The USC football coaching search will have consequence on the rest of the college football coaching searches this offseason. USC will be the first domino to fall, ahead of Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina (Miami and Virginia could be next) and everybody else.

Even though he whiffed very badly on his last two hires, USC A.D. Pat Haden will get the opportunity to make the next head coaching hire.

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How will USC QB Cody Kessler adjust amidst chaos


Maybe USC Trojans QB Cody Kessler will continue to flourish under interim Coach Clay Helton? The signal caller has been pegged to be a future NFL first round pick by scouts and draftniks everywhere. It will be interesting to see how Cody Kessler continues to develop within the @#$storm and cluster#$% that is USC football right now. (here’s more on that)

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USC Trojans 30 for 30 similar, but not as good as The U.

usc-cheerleader cheering for wrong team

If you’ve already seen “The U,” “The U Part 2,” and “Pony Exce$$,” then you’ve also pretty much seen “Trojan War” already by default. The new film is the USC Trojans answer to the three ESPN Films 30 for 30 documentaries we just mentioned. Trojan War (not to be confused with the somewhat obscure 1997 teen sex comedy of the same name starring Jennifer Love Hewitt) premieres tomorrow night, kicking off the new fall season of 30 for 30s.

We obtained an advance screener copy of the film, and here are six major takeaways from the film:

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USC fires football coach Steve Sarkisian


As awful a week as you could expect for USC football Coach Steve Sarkisian. On Friday night Sark and company suffered a very embarrassing loss to Sarkisian’s former team, the Washington Huskies. On Sunday, USC Trojans Athletic Director Pat Haden asked Sarkisian to take an indefinite leave of absence.

This was accompanied by revelations that players and assistant coaches had observed Steve Sarkisian drunk at team meetings and during the game versus Arizona State.

On Monday, Sarkisian was fired.

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Leonard Fournette should be allowed to enter NFL Draft


My “Doogie Howser, M.D. Rule” is invoked every time I see LSU running back Leonard Fournette commit genocide on opposing defenses. Fournette is Ron Dayne size with Gale Sayers speed. Leonard Fournette is much more than the perfect combination of speed and power. He’s beyond being a “brick shithouse.” He makes brick shithouses look like Paul Blart Mall Cop.

So why can’t he leave for the NFL next year? Invoke the Doogie Howser M.D. rule.

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USC Trojans version of “The U.” kicks off new 30 for 30 season Tuesday


As Amory Blaine, the main character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s debut novel “This Side of Paradise” said “the only business people are interested in reading about is crooked business.” The best college football 30 for 30s, and some of the best overall in the series, revolve around the cesspool that engulfs college football.

“Pony Exce$$” was phenomenal, and it was exceeded only by “The U.” and “The U Part 2.” The USC Trojans have certainly partaken in their share of fetid skullduggery over the years, and that will be chronicled by the ESPN 30 for 30 series this fall.

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Allie LaForce “amazed” college football teams have oxygen tanks


Remember The Simpsons episode when old man Jasper froze himself asleep in the Kwik-E-Mart, and awoke a few days into the future and found himself amazed by the common everyday products in Apu’s convenience store?

“Moon Pies?!?! What a time to be alive,” Jasper said.

You can’t help but recall that episode upon watching CBS Sideline Reporter Allie LaForce “discover” that college football teams have oxygen tanks on the sideline .

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Louisiana St. RB Leonard Fournette: Heisman front-runner


(Update: with 1/3 to 1/4 of the college football season complete, we re-publish our piece from New Year’s Eve 2014, in which we declared Leonard Fournette the Heisman Trophy front-runner for this season. With the season’s first month done, Fournette has lived up to this prediction and much much more. He’s far surpassed even our expectations)

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Ole Miss football player wins the Confederate Flag debate


This summer headlines relating to the Confederate flag were ubiquitous. It reminded us of a famous quote from one of the greatest writers in American history, Southern author William Faulkner. He once said “History is not was, it is.”

The confederate flag, with its pervasive presence in American culture, is emblematic of this saying. Ole Miss linebacker C.J. Johnson put the flag in its place, and the debate in the proper context.

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Is the 2015 Rutgers football season already over?


Rutgers football, the Big Ten team that no one in Big Ten country actually cares about. You can say the same for Maryland too. This is year two of this odd arrangement and we’re still not buying in. Rutgers football, and Head Coach Kyle Flood are making news though; albeit for the wrong reasons.

For better or worse (it’s worse), we have to talk about Flood and his Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

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Five preliminary Illinois football head coaching candidates


Illinois football deserves so much better than what it currently has. The Fighting Illini were 63-48-4 (.565) during the 1980s. However, they’ve gone just 111-166-2 (.401) since John Mackovic left town to go Coach Texas. Mackovic’s name is critical because he is the most recent Illinois football head coach to leave on his own accord.

Memorial Stadium in Champaign has become a career graveyard for everybody else since (Lou Tepper, Ron Turner, Ron Zook….Tim Beckman). With this inconvenient truth in mind, Illinois Athletic Director Mike Thomas is going to have a hard sell.

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