Are Big 12 Football and the NIU Huskies a good fit?


Big 12 football needs to take action soon. As we learned this past December, the College Football Playoff selection committee harshly punishes you for not playing a conference championship game. Big 12 members Baylor and TCU learned that the hard way. The NCAA is a subjective, inconsistent, arbitrary and capricious being, and they have deemed that you need 12 teams in your league in order to have a conference title game.

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NIU Football: Never Too Early Season Preview

drew hare niu football

Making an Orange Bowl, grabbing a BCS bid, having a Heisman Trophy finalist and dominating the MAC still hasn’t out NIU football where it ultimately wants to be, or even where it should be. It’s time for a NIU football to move up a weight class. NIU has the longest home winning streak in all of college football, and the fourth most wins of any FBS program since 2010.

This fall, expect them to win all their home games, dominate the MAC, and win at least 10 or 11. This #MACtion thing has run its course. 

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LSU RB Leonard Fournette: 2015 Heisman Front-runner


LSU Tigers Freshman tailback Leonard Fournette is the new Melvin Gordon for 2015. Actually, Leonard Fournette is going to be more Leonard Fournette than anyone else, because he is a transcendent running back. The combination he possesses, of speed and power makes him a collegiate runner whose career (if he stayed all four years, which he won’t) could end up on parallel with Ron Dayne.

He’s also surrounded by tons of future NFL talent, so the sky is the limit for him in 2015.

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Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze supports removal of Confederate symbol from Mississippi state flag


The University of Mississippi eradicated the Confederate flag from their logo and imagery about 20 years ago. They replaced the Southern Cross with “Battle Ms,” a long time ago. Unfortunately, the state flag still has the confederate flag in upper left hand corner. What’s worse is the reason it’s there.

The cross of St. Andrews, otherwise known as the Confederate battle flag was added to Mississippi’s state flag in 1894; and it’s symbolic presence for the purposes of reclaiming the state after reconstruction ended in 1877.

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Expect more SEC Football pride in wake of Confederate Takedown


SEC football fans are known first and foremost for one thing- often reminding you just how AWESOME SEC football is. Expect this trend to ramp up now that the Confederate flag is getting rapidly phased out of American culture.

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Florida’s Vernon Hargreaves on top 8 ’16 NFL prospect list

britany raymond vernon hargreaves

Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida leads the list of the top non-quarterback prospects for the 2016 NFL Draft. He’s a height-weight-speed guy. Great ball skills. (insert scouting cliche) (insert NFL Draft evaluative process buzzword, catch-phrase) blah blah. blah. buzzword. buzzword.

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Fox Sports’ Jennifer Hale: former LSU Cheerleader Captain


Jennifer Hale works as a sideline reporter for the NFL on Fox and in New Orleans as a sports and news anchor at WVUE, Fox 8.

She covers both sports news and regular news, including Hurricane Katrina coverage for MSNBC. Jennifer Hale was Fox 8’s morning anchor before making the jump to sports. Her political and investigative reports won various Edward R. Murrow awards, as well as Emmy and AP Awards. She got started with LSU, doing player profiles and on-the-field reports for

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Willie from Duck Dynasty high on LSU RB Leonard Fournette (exclusive)


Willie Robertson, the patriarch of the the Duck Dynasty is a huge LSU Tigers fan, as he’s good friends with Louisiana State Head Coach Les Miles. He’s a native of the state and he often comes down to games to hang out with the coach and the players.

The Sports Bank recently had an exclusive chat with Robertson when he made just his second ever visit to the windy city earlier this month. Robertson was in Chicago to help promote the newly opened Under Armour store on Magnificent Mile.

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Two Oregon Ducks, not named Mariota, who will be 1st round picks


Let’s get Ducknuts when talking about the Oregon Ducks in the Championship game, and later a couple of Oregon Ducks in the NFL Draft. You know Marcus Mariota could quite possibly become the first overall pick in the NFL Draft.

However, there are two Oregon Ducks players that should also be sure-fire first rounders that you haven’t heard of.

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AUDIO: Rose Bowl setting articulated by Kirk Herbstreit


The Rose Bowl, it’s unbelievably picturesque setting, and New Year’s Day at very late afternoon time remind you of everything that’s special in this world and all that could be sublime. New Year’s Day might the calendar’s most underrated day of the year. (After all it’s the time on the calendar with the most time until New year’s Eve the most overrated and worst on the calendar)

Every year, I get chills as the B-2 Stealth Bomber flies-over the Rose Bowl during the national anthem.

Kirk Herbstreit articulated the transcendent physical beauty that is the setting of the Rose Bowl.

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LSU football: top 10 team in 2015?


LSU football could return to national prominence in 2015. As Coach Les Miles pointed out in the postgame presser yesterday, the team is very freshmen and sophomore heavy. So they’ll be sophomore and junior heavy next year and figure to be a major power in the always loaded SEC West.

First there are some major questions to be resolved for LSU football.  What happens with their “first day guys” in the 2015 NFL Draft and 2016 NFL Draft? as profiled here?

Last offseason, LSU football lost more players to early NFL Draft entry than any team in college football history.

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LSU Def Coordinator John Chavis might leave for Texas A&M


Something seemed off about the LSU defense today. Not to take anything away from Malik Zaire, Everett Golson and the Notre Dame offense, but the Bayou Bengals D just weren’t themselves. LSU came in as 7.5 point favorites, but they couldn’t seem to stop the Irish at all in the first half.

The rumors surrounding LSU Defensive Coordinator John Chavis could be the reason why.

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