Oregon QB Marcus Mariota odds on favorite to be NFL #1 pick

oregon-cheerleaders marcus mariota

Can Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota pull a Cam Netwon? By becoming the Heisman Trophy winner in December and then the #1 overall draft pick the following April? Mariota certainly has all the tools to and statistics to do both. The 6’4″ 212 pound signal caller from Honolulu, Hawaii has an INSANE 24-1 TD to INT ratio. To go with his 192.2 QB Rating and 69% completion percentage.

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Todd Gurley suspended four games, UGA appeals


Here’s your Todd Gurley ruling, handed out just an hour ago by the NCAA.

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Media still confused that fake Layla Kiffin is not real Layla Kiffin


The internet is more obsessed with Layla than Eric Clapton, or more specifically Eric Clapton. For whatever reason, (beyond the obvious reasons, her being a pretty face) Layla Kiffin is search engine gold. Yes, she’s very attractive, we get that. But other than being married to a man named Lane Kiffin who is famous for “failing upward,” she really hasn’t done anything.

Layla Kiffin is famous for being famous, but SEO embraces her anyway. Last week, she was trending because Tosh.O did a hilarious spoof of the Kiffins (watch it here). It’s amazing how much Daniel Tosh looks like Lane Kiffin.

And today Layla Kiffin is trending because….


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FSU Coach Jimbo Fisher: most detestable man in college football


While Florida State Jameis Winston seems to be the main target in the anti-FSU backlash, Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher is much more deserving. Winston may or may not be ignorant as to what he truly is and what he truly is not. Jameis seems to think he can do whatever he want without fear of consequence. He thinks he’s above the law due to either ignorance, arrogance, immaturity or some combination of all these traits.

#5 may or may not “get it” yet. He could indeed be that clueless.

Jimbo Fisher on the other hand “gets it.”

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VIDEO: MSU Spartans mascot dancing in Taylor Swift parody


It’s a good thing my 11-year-old niece doesn’t read my site. She’s a “Swiftie” and might get upset by seeing how much I’m about to rip the music of Taylor Swift here. On the other hand, she’d probably find this parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” as disturbing and bizarre as I do. In the video below, you’ll see several Big Ten mascots “shaking it” and “working it” and lusting after young women.

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Todd Gurley apologizes, UGA applies for reinstatement


Running back and former Heisman Trophy candidate Todd Gurley could return to the Georgia Bulldogs sooner rather than later. It’s hard to say given the arbitrariness and capriciousness of the NCAA. The University of Georgia sent out a very boring statement filled with a lot of legalese and corporatespeak this morning regarding the Todd Gurley matter.

There are however, three main takeaways from it:

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VIDEO: FSU legend Derrick Brooks takes “adversity” cliche to new low


Derrick Brooks accomplished a lot as a NFL Linebacker with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Before that, he was quite the acclaimed college football player with the Florida State Seminoles. As a broadcaster though, I am anything but impressed. Whenever I hear that stupid “adversity” cliche perpetrated by coaches and athletes, my eyes roll. If you see my eyes roll from that…good, you should see that I am disgusted.

Get better at talking! Do a better job with the thinking and understanding stuff.

Journalists and media people say that “adversity” crap all the time too. So they are no better.

Derrick Brooks isn’t the only person to do this, it’s just in this specific instance, he’s the most egregious.

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Notre Dame football vs #2 FSU, preview with Chicago Tribune’s Chris Hine


“Texas Forever, 6.” — Tim Riggins

“This is what college football is all about,” said Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher on his weekly media call Monday. Yes, indeed Saturday night will have many a “Seminole moment” (sorry for the bad pun) for the Notre Dame football team, FSU, the two #5 quarterbacks and many others.

Here to break it all down with me and preview the epic clash is Chicago Tribune Notre Dame football beat reporter Chris Hine. He also gets up to speed on the statuses of the five suspended Notre Dame football players.

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Jameis Winston verifies that the curse of #5 is real

jameis winston

As Halloween approaches, now is the season of curses. And all things scary, creepy, disturbing and weird.  Time to re-investigate my curse of the #5 jersey; which Jameis Winston is embodying more and more by the hour.

Winston, and Venric Mark too, are just the latest example of how every star football player who wears #5 will inevitably get into some major off-the-field drama. Braxton Miller certainly looks like he’s cursed, given what happened to him, but this is about off the field issues, not injuries.

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10 Florida State football players who are potential NFL 1st round picks


The defending national champions, the #2 Florida State football team has a HUGE and I mean huge in ALL CAPS game Saturday night versus #5 Notre Dame. Looming over a shadow of this contest is the Jameis Winston situation; which gets worse by the day. Friday was an awful day for #5 and Monday was pretty bad too. (We’ll cover that in detail here)

The reigning Heisman trophy winner has all the physical tools, and from an on-the-field only standpoint, could be the #1 overall pick nest year.

Of course, I’ll be booty called by Candice Swanepoel before anything even remotely close to that ever occurs now.

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NFL GMs say Jameis Winston draft stock is UTTERLY DESTROYED


This may be a bit of a “Captain Obvious” type of situation, but it bears noting considering the new world in which all the criminals playing in the NFL get more publicity than ever before. The NFL brand is tarnished more than ever given the high level of human slime playing in the league. Given all the character red flags that surround Jameis Winston now, hard to imagine many teams taking a flier on him.

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Todd Gurley saga update: UGA not a sympathetic figure either


Today, the University of Georgia became yet another player in the Todd Gurley saga that no one can sympathize with. The Georgia Bulldogs sent out a statement on behalf of their athletic director; and it said…well, we’ll get to that shortly. The important thing is that they mailed it out at 5:49 PM EST. After 5 on a Friday, just like the tired cliche tells you that you should do.

Of course, it’s a cliche BECAUSE it works.

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