Oregon QB Marcus Mariota odds on favorite to be NFL #1 pick

oregon-cheerleaders marcus mariota

Can Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota pull a Cam Netwon? By becoming the Heisman Trophy winner in December and then the #1 overall draft pick the following April? Mariota certainly has all the tools to and statistics to do both. The 6’4″ 212 pound signal caller from Honolulu, Hawaii has an INSANE 24-1 TD to INT ratio. To go with his 192.2 QB Rating and 69% completion percentage.

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Jim Harbaugh coaching the Michigan Wolverines in 2015? Latest odds

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-ian-rapoport

I do hope there’s a lot of great Jim Harbaugh Halloween costumes this year. It’s pretty easy to construct: discount pleated khakis, black 49ers hat, black long-sleeve Niners shirt. Add in the headset and you’re done. If I wasn’t way too old for Halloween I would totally do it.

However, that Jim Harbaugh costume will have to be changed drastically for Halloween 2015 and he’s….coaching the Michigan Wolverines next year? Somewhere else in college football? The Oakland Raiders?

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Russell Wilson: GREAT leadership, BORING soundbites


Russell Wilson truly “says all the right things.”

If you work for a NFL team.

Every interview/press conference with him is beyond pointless and worthless. Wilson has PERFECTED the art of being boring and talking a lot without actually saying anything. He is doing his job VERY WELL.

Andrew Luck is decent at this. Peyton Manning is better. Tom Brady is the best….but maybe now he’s been supplanted by Russell Wilson. He’s taken the art of being boring by design to new heights.

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Boomer Esiason calls Jets WR Percy Harvin a malcontent


Percy Harvin was one of the biggest trending topics over the weekend. Certainly when it comes to NFL discussion. All the Sunday morning talk shows were on him, and understandably so. But maybe NFL Today’s Boomer Esiason on CBS had the hottest take of all the hot takes (because “malcontent” is such as awesome word):

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Sports Illustrated for Kids “From Then to Wow” (book review)


Sports Illustrated for Kids has a recently released book available as the holiday shopping season approaches. “Football Then to WOW!” is reviewed by Cary Trojans Youth football star Henry Young; who will turn 10 this December.

But first a blurb detailing the publication:

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Marshawn Lynch likely leaving the Seahawks after the season


So much comes to mind when doing free association exercises with star running back Marshawn Lynch.

Skittles. Beast Mode. Media Day Silence. Super Bowl Champion. Seattle Seahawks.

Well, scratch that last one.

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Rayvonte Rice talks about Ray Rice (exclusive)


Up until mid January, Rayvonte Rice was the leading scorer in the Big Ten last season. However, the season went downhill for both him and his Illinois Fighting Illini at Northwestern. An adductor strain slowed Rice down for awhile, and the Illini offense had major issues. However, Rayvonte Rice and the Illini finished strong. Had it not been for that loss at NU, and probably the home loss to Purdue that happened next, Illinois could have been a NCAA Tournament team.

So this year, can the Illini be a couple games better to get the big dance? I had an exclusive with Rice at Big Ten Media Day and we discussed that topic, as well as other issues.

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NFL team in Los Angeles movement gaining momentum


At first glance, the city appears to have it all.

Lights, glamour, culture, and art. It is the hub of entertainment, and its influence as the creative capital of the world is unmatched. Two world class universities tether its western and southern boundaries, and a renaissance has turned its long dormant downtown into the hub of urban excitement and civic vitality. Once blessed with a world class public transit system, the sprawling metropolis has been steadily reconnected by an ever growing patchwork of new mass transit. Perpetually summer, the sun-kissed city by the sea has inspired insipid jealousies for decades. Yes, the city of Los Angeles seems to have it all.

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Jets GM John Idzik ripped hilariously by Brandon Tierney

rex ryan john idzik

New York Jets GM John Idzik has certainly been a lightning rod for criticism lately. With the performance of the team that he built, he’s earned it. The Jets, as a whole, have been the laughingstock of the NFL punditocracy for the past month. Here’s a collection of some quips from this past Sunday alone.

And Marshall Faulk’s dig at the Jets receiving corps may have trumped everybody them all.

Although Geno Smith might be out of a job before too long. 

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Jim Cramer to break down AFC North QBs on ESPN Countdown


There’s always a bull market somewhere; as the always highly caffeinated Jim Kramer likes to say. ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown is going across corporate network synergy to NBC Universal; bringing in “the wizard of Wall Street” tomorrow morning.

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VIDEO: FSU legend Derrick Brooks takes “adversity” cliche to new low


Derrick Brooks accomplished a lot as a NFL Linebacker with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Before that, he was quite the acclaimed college football player with the Florida State Seminoles. As a broadcaster though, I am anything but impressed. Whenever I hear that stupid “adversity” cliche perpetrated by coaches and athletes, my eyes roll. If you see my eyes roll from that…good, you should see that I am disgusted.

Get better at talking! Do a better job with the thinking and understanding stuff.

Journalists and media people say that “adversity” crap all the time too. So they are no better.

Derrick Brooks isn’t the only person to do this, it’s just in this specific instance, he’s the most egregious.

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6 Early Contenders for the NFL MVP

andrew luck

Though they tend to look unconcerned or be secretive about it, all great players, given a chance to open up about their deepest desires, would tell you that they’d want to be the NFL MVP at some point in their careers. Besides the usual bragging rights for the player, winning the prestigious MVP award comes with a lot of remarkable commendations for the player’s team, plus of course some monetary benefits.

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