Kathryn Tappen to visit human foosball table in Phoenix


Kathryn Tappen will co-host “Super Bowl Zone” along with Carolyn Manno. Here are some of the key segments that will comprise “Super Bowl Zone”:

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Carolyn Manno to get in F-16 Fighter Jet for Super Bowl segment

“Super Bowl Zone” will be co-hosted by NBC Sports commentators Carolyn Manno and Kathryn Tappen

Following are segments that will be featured in Saturday’s episode of “Super Bowl Zone”:

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Jameis Winston might still go #1, despite every red flag

jimbo fisher jameis winston florida state football

In politics they call it an “October Surprise,” huge game-changing news that doesn’t get leaked until very close to the election. The NFL Draft, like the Presidential election, has months of advance anticipation and speculation.

Jameis Winston might provide the most expected and obvious NFL Draft “October Surprise” ever this year.

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Seahawks fan, Sportscenter Anchor Lisa Kerney talks Super Bowl XLIX (exclusive)


SportsCenter Anchor and HUGE Seattle Seahawks fan Lisa Kerney sat down with us less than 24 hours after the Seahawks earned their place in Super Bowl XLIX. As you can expect, she’s very excited about the game coming up.

In our exclusive conversation (podcast below), Lisa Kerney (Twitter @LisaKerney) talks about the Seahawks, Russell Wilson‘s contract situation, her journalism career, and how she got to ESPN. She also makes her Super Bowl prediction.

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Is Peyton Manning going to play again?

peyton manning

Now that the Denver Broncos have hired a new coach in Gary Kubiak, what does it mean for the future of the face of the franchise? Will Peyton Manning ride of into the sunset? Or will he return?

We talked to the “insidiest” (we just made that word up) of all insiders, ESPN’s Adam Schefter, about the future of Peyton Manning.

The podcast of our exclusive conversation is below.

Peyton Manning talk begins at the 5 minute mark:

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Super Bowl XLIX brings new Fox Sports, NFL Network features


Super Bowl XLIX! Super Bowl XLIX! Yes, before the NFL championship kicks off in a couple weeks in Glendale, Arizona, we have the NFC Championship Game in Seattle which will have a new, first of its kind option this Sunday:

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Katy Perry “tops” five worst Super Bowl story pitches


Katy Perry and the Super Bowl truly deserve each other. The Super Bowl is watched by tens of millions of people who don’t like sports. Katy Perry songs are downloaded by tens of millions of people who don’t like music.

Her inevitably horrendous halftime performance is still 12 days away, but NBC began started the obnoxious self-promotion of it days before the AFC and NFC conference championships were held.

You can even make Katy Perry prop bets on the Super Bowl.


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Gary Kubiak becomes new Denver Broncos Head Coach


In the words of Homer J. Simpson, “ohhhhh (groans), the Denver Broncos?!?!”

Hey, this year we don’t have to sit through a Denver Broncos infested Super Bowl. And (at least partially) because of that, the Mile High Club are looking to fill their coaching vacancy. Gary Kubiak will now officially succeed John Fox in that role.

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Dan Quinn likely to become new Atlanta Falcons Coach

dan quinn atlanta-falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have decided on a coach finally. They passed over recently fired Denver Broncos Coach John Fox, and got their man in Seattle Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn. Fox of course took the Chicago Bears job. 

The Broncos decided to go with Gary Kubiak as their next coach.

Back to Quinn, he was the hottest coaching commodity this carousel.

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Chicago Bears land John Fox; Falcons hold out for Quinn


John Fox will be keeping his orange and blue. He will not be trading in those colors for red and black. The Denver Broncos Head Coach that couldn’t co-exist with John Elway is coming to Chicago, as the Bears are a much better fit for him than the Falcons. Atlanta has a better option in place. They’re waiting for Dan Quinn.

Recently minted Bears GM Ryan Pace is in Colorado finalizing the details, and the Bears will no doubt schedule a John Fox product rollout sometime early next week.

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Oakland Raiders made smart move with Jack Del Rio hire


The Oakland Raiders made the right call in hiring Jack Del Rio. Especially so when you consider who they had interviewed.  

Eric Mangini? Are you kidding me? Pat Shurmur was considered the front-runner for awhile. Yikes! That’s almost as bad as the so-called “Man-Genius.”

Del Rio was the right way to go; the best case scenario.

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2016 NFL mock draft 1-16-15

christian hackenberg 2016 nfl mock draft

For this 2016 NFL mock draft, the order is randomized. It’s kind of based on the order this season and what I have picked to each team in my 2015 NFL mock draft. Team needs were sort of taken into accounts for the mock draft; at times.

It’s our first edition of the the 2016 NFL mock draft, so enjoy! Be sure to check out our 2015 NFL mock draft, our 2015 NBA mock draft and 2016 NBA mock draft.

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