Marcus Mariota: the next New York Jets starting QB?


Now that Marcus Mariota has won the Heisman trophy, the Heisman trust got exactly what they wanted right now- a very inoffensive and bland personality taking home the award. From Cam Newton to Johnny Manziel to Jameis Winston, the Heisman has seen lots of controversy, off-the-field issues and polarizing figures. Now, in Marcus Mariota, they have someone as vanilla and corporate as it gets.

So now the question is, who will get to draft Marcus Mariota with the top NFL Draft pick?

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Update on Panthers QB Cam Newton recovery timetable


The Carolina Panthers are dealing with their franchise quarterback Cam Newton recovering from fractures in his lower back following a car crash that occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina five days ago.

Fox Sports Jay Glazer with the latest on the Cam Newton injury:

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2014 Chicago Bears: seven things that actually went right

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears, way to be disappointing. The 2014 season wasn’t supposed to go like this. Chicago’s record is 5-8, and because of tiebreakers and other fancy stuff, the Bears are mathematically eliminated from postseason contention. The players will “play for pride their jobs the final three games. That is all well and good for them, but it’s also clear that losing out and getting a better draft pick is the best case scenario at this point.

The list of what went wrong this season is far too long for your attention span right now. You have checked out of this Chicago Bears season, so the only Bears related content you can enjoy at this point is something quick and to the point.

Here’s what actually went right this regular season.

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Jim Haslett hilariously SHREDDED TO PIECES by London Fletcher

jim haslett

Former NFL Linebacker London Fletcher played under Coach Jim Haslett for four years.

So Fletcher knows a thing or two about what Haslett is, and what he is not. Washington is having a very rough season; this isn’t news. The Skins have had some issues everywhere, but especially defensively. Much of that obviously falls on Haslett. Yesterday on CBS Sports’ “That Other Pregame Show” Fletcher totally shredded Jim Haslett to pieces, and it was quite hilarious.

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Saints looking to draft Drew Brees successor; Hundley or Cook?


Drew Brees has had an amazing career. Check that, Drew Brees with the New Orleans Saints had been legendary. However, he’s now on the wrong side of 35, and it’s time for NOLA to look at his eventual successor. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, that’s going to happen a lot sooner than you might expect.

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Two Oregon Ducks, not named Mariota, who will be 1st round picks


Let’s get Ducknuts when talking about the Oregon Ducks in the Pac 12 Championship game, and later a couple of Oregon Ducks in the NFL Draft. You know Marcus Mariota is going to win the Heisman; and quite possibly become the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. We covered that here.

However, there are two Oregon Ducks players that should also be sure-fire first rounders that you haven’t heard of.

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Oregon QB Marcus Mariota: very likely #1 overall draft pick


Can the Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota pull a Cam Netwon? By becoming the Heisman Trophy winner next week and then become the #1 overall NFL draft pick come April? Mariota certainly has all the measurables, numbers, tools and statistics to accomplish both. The 6’4″ 212 pound signal caller from Honolulu, Hawaii has an INSANE 36-2 TD to INT ratio. To go with his 190.2 QB Rating, 3,470 yards and 69% completion percentage heading into the Pac 12 Championship game.

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Raiders or Rams moving back to L.A. claims CBS pundit

oakland-raiders-jim harbaugh

Los Angeles will have a NFL team again soon; and it will be the Raiders or the Rams, one of the two teams that left. That’s the word on CBS NFL Today. Here’s what Boomer Esiason said this morning:

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Jim Harbaugh to Michigan chances dwindle, Raiders the favorite

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-michigan-football

Fox Sports Jay Glazer reported on if the San Francisco 49ers will fire head coach Jim Harbaugh before the end of this season this morning:

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Chicago Bears players as Thanksgiving Dinner items

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears head to Detroit for a late Thanksgiving morning tilt against the Lions. For the sake of all involved (fans, players, coaching staff), the game should end before most eat their turkey, stuffing and other traditional Turkey Day dishes. No need to ruin the appetites of those choosing to watch the fools’ gold that is the Chicago Bears.

In an attempt to have a light-hearted look at a bad Bears team, why not compare players to some of the food that will be served on Thanksgiving? This will be fun; or a complete dumpster fire, which is how most forecasted the Bears’ season back in August. Remember, there was no in between.

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Will Washington and Jay Gruden part ways in the offseason?


Lots of conflict and turmoil in Washington right now; and we’re not just talking about the acrimony between the legislative and executive branches of government. Will Jay Gruden return to coach the team next year? It appears that Robert Griffin III is on his way out, (as we’ve chronicled). So what about Gruden? The NFL punditocracy speaks.

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Robert Griffin III: his days are numbered in Washington

Robert Griffin III-washington-redskins-rg3

Robert Griffin III is probably done in D.C. Yes, the RG3 era in Washington seems to be coming to a close come the end of the season. All the NFL experts and pundits are piling on with this opinion, take a look.

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