Chip Kelly has made the Eagles a Super Bowl darkhorse


Chip Kelly, in year one of his NFL experiment, showed everyone that his offensive genius does translate from college football to the NFL. Look what he did with QB Nick Foles: his mastermind with the Oregon Ducks carried over to the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, the Eagles didn’t do a whole lot this offseason other than let DeSean Jackson, their best receiver, go and make a back-up QB trade with the New York Jets.

Still, another year under Chip Kelly in the new system raises the stakes and expectations that much higher.

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Kyle Orton signing conveys Bills lack of faith in EJ Manuel


No one seems to be very high on EJ Manuel right now. Given his performance in the NFL thus far, it’s understandable. Manuel was certainly a reach when he was drafted; almost as much as his fellow Florida State Seminole Christian Ponder. So I guess look out, teams seeking to draft Jameis Winston down the line.

The Buffalo Bills themselves probably aren’t very sold on EJ Manuel; that’s why they signed Kyle Orton.

Captain Neckbeard was the highest paid back-up in the NFL last season with the Dallas Cowboys, and wherever he goes, lack of faith in the starter is sure to follow.

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Chicago Bears roster at 53, more moves coming?

Chicago Bears roster cut Eben Britton

The Chicago Bears roster is at the league-mandated limit of 53 after Saturday’s cuts, but with the rest of the NFL trimming down their numbers, the roster you see today may not be the same you see tomorrow.

Notable cuts from the team include: offensive tackle Eben Britton, wide receivers Armanti Edwards and Chris Williams, center Taylor Boggs, defensive end Austin Lane, and cornerbacks C.J. Wilson and Kelvin Hayden. [Read more...]

Where NFL pundits stand on Washington football team name change


There’s a massive sea change regarding the usage of the Washington football team nickname right now. In the past year, the tide has truly turned towards critical mass as momentum continues to build everyday.

And here we highlight many of those opinions, not just those who are boycotting the name, but also those on the fence, and those who haven’t taken a side. Through exclusive interviews and conference calls, I got opinions from a lot of prominent NFL media personalities. But first, here’s a video highlighting how much progress has already been made in such a short period of time.

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Special OTL to examine Washington team nickname debate


There’s no question what the number one storyline is this NFL season. Outside the Lines Special Report: Washington’s Nickname – An NFL Dilemma (Tuesday, Sept. 2, 8 p.m. ET, ESPN2; 11 p.m., ESPNEWS) will examine the Washington team nickname controversy, where it is and where it’s going.

Movement towards change is reaching critical mass, extending beyond Native American groups and activists who say it is offensive and racist. It’s not just liberals, or as right wing fanatics like to call them “libtards” anymore. It’s establishment types calling for change.

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Chicago Bears trim fat, bigger cuts coming

Former Chicago Bears DT Nate Collins

The Chicago Bears cut the required amount of players to get the roster down to 75. The initial cut usually involves players that had little to no chance of making the team, or were let go with the hopes of latching on elsewhere.

The final day of roster reckoning is August 30. Rosters will have to be down to 53 by 4p.m. ET.

There were a couple of surprise cuts, but the biggest news will come Saturday afternoon.

The players that stood out from the initial cuts are defensive backs Isaiah Frey and Craig Steltz, defensive tackle Nate Collins, linebacker/special teams ace Jordan Senn, running back Michael Ford, and quarterback Jordan Palmer. Palmer is interesting because he signed with the Buffalo Bills shortly after being waived. Chicago welcomes Buffalo to Soldier Field Week 1. [Read more...]

Michael Irvin gives nuanced take on Washington team name change


We’re reaching critical mass now when it comes to changing the Washington football team nickname. But whether you’re on the side of Daniel Snyder/Sarah Palin/Mike Ditka, or you’re on the other side with Phil Simms/Greg Gumbel/Washington Post/Christine Brennan/Bill Simmons/Tony Dungy/Dave Zirin/Kansas City Star/U.S. Patent Office…well you get the idea….the point is, you need to see the other side too.

If you know where the opposite side of the debate is coming from, it tests your position.

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New York Jets Season Preview with Michael Irvin


So what does the 2014 season hold for the New York Jets? Here to break it down is NFL Network Analyst Michael Irvin. You pretty much know that the New England Patriots will own the division, but who will be the biggest threat?

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Boomer Esiason articulates how horrendous NY Giants offense looks


Boomer Esiason made some very strong comments about Jay Cutler last season. I don’t think he was wrong. I think he was totally right. And this summer, I had another chance to speak with him, and we covered a bunch of topics, including Cutler. The full podcast of our exclusive is below.

Eli Manning had a really rough year last season. His 2013 kind of ended the ELIte talk, didn’t it? Local New York as well as national media pundit Boomer Esiason gave me a very informative and entertaining exclusive at NFL on CBS Media Day.

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Arizona Cardinals season preview with Steve Mariucci


The Arizona Cardinals are yet another of why the NFL is a copycat league. For everyone. And right now, every team wants to be like the Super Bowl Champions.

Like the Seattle Seahawks ripped off Texas A&M with the “12th man,” designation for their home crowd, the Arizona Cardinals are “borrowing” from the Michigan State Spartans in nicknaming their secondary “the no-fly zone.”

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N.Y. Jets hire Amanda Pflugrad, former Oregon cheerleader


Former Oregon Ducks cheerleader, CBS Sports and Pac 12 Network hostess Amanda Pflugrad has a new gig with the New York Jets. She will promoting the NY Jets on their website. Amanda Pflugrad is SEO Gold, and it’s easy to understand why. Her name has been trending on the internet today. The Jets website refers to her as a “reporter” but you and I know that you can’t use that designation/term when you work for the team that you’re covering.

When Amanda Pflugrad was with Fox Sports Arizona, she was a reporter. With the Jets, she will now anchor the online Jets postgame show.


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Miami Dolphins Season Preview with Michael Irvin

miami-dolphins cheerleader

So what does the 2014 season hold for the Miami Dolphins? Here to break it down is NFL Network Analyst Michael Irvin.

It’s fitting that the NFL Network has both Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin as part of their on-air talent roster. Both of these phenomenal athletes helped define what today’s NFL truly is with their physical talents and outsized personalities. Sanders (exclusive with Neon Deion here) and Irvin established the precedent of what a National Football League superstar must be in today’s mass-marketed, mass media landscape.

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