Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill Calls Out Dog Cruelty at His Alma Mater Texas A&M

ryan tannehill

Ryan Tannehill was selected with the eighth overall pick, by the Miami Dolphins, out of Texas A&M University in the 2012 NFL Draft. Since then he’s established himself as the Dolphins QB1, and a better than average signal caller in the National Football League.

He also hasn’t been shy about expressing his social conscience, and today he sent a very powerful letter, on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to his alma mater.

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Robert Mueller, New Most Powerful Man in D.C. is No Stranger to National Football League

robert mueller

On Wednesday, Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel to the investigation of collusion between Russia and the Donald Trump Presidential campaign. He served as the second-longest director in Federal Bureau of Investigation history, behind only the iconic J. Edgar Hoover.

He is also no stranger to fans of the National Football League and the Baltimore Ravens, as Mueller was the man who oversaw the NFL’s mishandling of the infamous Ray Rice videotape (much more on that in a bit).

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2018 NFL Mock Draft 5-18-17


Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft. Order was based on an amalgam of NFL power rankings from across the internet. If you have issue with the order, well so do many others. That’s what the comments section is for! Just keep it above board and professional in your criticism.

Team needs were not taken into account for the 2018 NFL mock draft as it’s just too early. 2017 NFL Draft picks were mostly not taken into account for our projections.

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What’s the Future for Jay Cutler? Tony Romo Decision Today Provides Clues

Tony Romo, and his shock decision to retire from the NFL and become a broadcaster was the A Block/front page national news story on Tuesday. It was a big bold move that might convey the current status of the NFL free agent market for quarterbacks, and thus the future of Jay Cutler.

Romo and Cutler are two players that have been incessantly compared to one another during their NFL careers and it seems like kismet that they both hit the open free agent market after completing their tenures at the respective primary NFL teams.

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Jay Cutler Now a Broadcaster: Many Football Fans are Displeased with this Development

jay cutler

When Tony Romo made his retirement announcement back on April 6th, along with the revelation that he was to immediately transition into broadcasting, we knew this preluded the future for Jay Cutler. Romo just didn’t fit in with the Houston Texans, and he simply couldn’t find the right place to continue his NFL playing career.

That day, we then went ahead and predicted that Jay Cutler would soon go down the same exact road as Tony Romo. Today we were proven right, as FOX Sports sent out a press release announcing the deal this morning.

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Witness to Jay Cutler DON’T CARE incident SPEAKS (exclusive)



(UPDATE: Jay Cutler and FOX Sports both release statements announcing the former QB has retired and thus become a broadcaster; and a social media backlash ensues)

An eye-witness to the legendary Jay Cutler DON’T CARE bathroom incident. This is an exclusive interview, and to my knowledge, the first direct witness of this “event” to ever speak on the record. My source, who we’ll refer to moving forward as “The Informant,” has chosen to remain anonymous.

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Jay Cutler “DON’T CARE!” story goes mainstream


(UPDATE: Jay Cutler and FOX Sports both release statements announcing the former QB has retired and thus become a broadcaster; and a social media backlash ensues)

If you don’t like Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler, you will now, because this story makes Jay Cutler a million times more likable.

It’s taken over three years but…the underground, urban legend of Jay Cutler has finally gone mainstream. For years, my friends and I have discussed this AWESOME story. I’ve hinted about knowing it in past articles, but never published any details.

Well here it is in all it’s glory:

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Infamous Jay Cutler Middle Finger Photo’s Supposed Backstory


(UPDATE: Jay Cutler and FOX Sports both release statements announcing the former QB has retired and thus become a broadcaster; and a social media backlash ensues)

From the people who brought you the Jay Cutler “DON’T CARE” bathroom incident; comes the sequel! This next story seems to be originating from the same circle of people. The Jay Cutler middle finger picture has been circulating around the internet for some time.

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EXCLUSIVE: Lane Kiffin on Twitter Controversy, Why He Chose FAU over Bigger Programs

lane kiffin

Roughly a decade ago, Lane Kiffin became one of the youngest head coaches in NFL history at age 31 when he accepted the Oakland Raiders.

Since then he’s had short stints at Tennessee, USC and Alabama. After departing from the Crimson Tide earlier this year, Kiffin was offered a number of opportunities at powerhouse college football programs all across the country. Thus, many were a bit surprised when he chose Florida Atlantic University over the more brand name programs.

What made FAU more appealing? We asked Lane Kiffin this exact question during our exclusive with the Owls Head Coach.

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Chicago Bears 2017 Draft Grade: Participant Trophy


Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pace will either a.) be ultimately proven a genius for his outside the box 2017 NFL Draft selections or b.) soon looking for a new gig.

Coming off a 3-13 season in which the Bears hit rock bottom, Pace went with a very high risk/very high reward strategy which yielded just five total picks, out of a draft that lasts seven rounds. The end result will be extremely hit-or-miss, sink-or-swim, choose your all-or-nothing cliche.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Add More Illini Flavor by Drafting Dawuane Smoot

dawuane smoot

In the Jacksonville Jaguars organization, the man at the very top is an Illini grad.

As of Friday night, so is the newest member of the club- Defensive end Dawuane Smoot.

The 6-3, 264-pound tackles-for-losses machine was selected with the fourth pick in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia. Smoot was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the 68th overall pick.

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Mitchell Trubisky Selection Was Not Very Well Received by the Chicago Bears Fan Community

mitch trubisky

Former North Carolina Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky asked people to start calling him Mitchell and stop calling him Mitch during the Scouting Combine in February. Perhaps Mitchell needs a nickname too, can we suggest “Mitch?” There were reports that the Chicago Bears were looking to trade back from the #3 slot, but instead they went up to #2 and then took Trubisky.

Pretty much no one in the Bears community likes this pick. It’s been widely panned on Twitter. Here’s just a very small sampling.

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