Guide to Attending the 2022 World Cup in Qatar


world cup qatar 2022

The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) is the main governing body responsible for managing and promoting football internationally. Upcoming year, Qatar is all set to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, in which 32 teams would be competing for one of the most distinguished trophies in global sports. The teams would be divided into four groups, and four matches would be scheduled every day. This FIFA WorldCup 2022 will feature many young, exciting, and experienced players from different world regions. 

It is expected that thousands of fans will be taking a short trip to Qatar in early November 2022. The World Cup matches will officially begin from 21st November; however, the final fixtures are yet to be decided. Despite the recent pandemic, the Government of Qatar has been preparing for the international event. Players, coaching staff, and fans should stay confident about the upcoming mega event and plan their activities according to matches’ schedules.  

For a successful campaign at the FIFA WorldCup 2022, international teams and coaching staff have already started their preparations. Players representing different clubs in different leagues will be returning to their hometowns to join the national squad to get up and practice for the world event. Draftkings sportsbook will keep all international gamblers and viewers posted about the tournament standings and match details. Before you place bets on your favourite team, it is imperative to understand all the odds and evaluate factors impacting a team’s performance. Like every addition, we expect to see some exciting matchups in the upcoming FIFA World Cup, which is now just a few months away.  

With players, even fans need to pre-plan their journey and consult online travel agents for airline and hotel reservations. Spectators and dedicated football fans from more than 80 countries would be getting visas on arrival. Continue reading to find out how fans can prepare for the upcoming exciting FIFA WorldCup 2022.  

How to Travel Via Air to Qatar? 

Qatar is a middle eastern country that one can book a direct flight to from multiple international airports around the globe. The Doha, Qatar airport is among the world’s busiest airports, providing transit facilities to international travelers traveling to and from North America and Europe. As a fan, if you plan to travel directly to Qatar, you can check for Qatar Airways that has operational flights from many international airports across destinations. If you are traveling from Manchester, UK, the flight time would be 6h 55m, and from Sydney, Australia, it would be approximately 15h 5m. It is best to pre-plan your itinerary and search for the best tour operators and flights to reach the destination before time. Qatar Airways and the National Tourism Council of Qatar have been in contact to introduce hassle-free traveling and accommodation packages for football fans visiting Qatar in 2022. 

Where to Find the Best Hotels and Accommodation? 

Before traveling to Qatar, it is recommended to search for the best hotels offering amenities and accommodation one would need for a long foreign trip. It will be more feasible if you try to search for hotels near the stadium and in the central city. Among the finest hotels are Katara Cultural Village and The Pearl-Qatar, which offer state-of-the-art amenities, services, and access to local shops, restaurants, and attractive tourist destinations. Tourists and traveling parties must also ensure that they select hotels near the vicinity from where mega-event venues are much more accessible. During the stay in Qatar, one can enjoy visiting fine dining restaurants, historical sites, and beaches.  

How is the Weather in Qatar?   

Qatar is an arid region with deserted lands and a rough climate. The entire region has a dry climate, with blowing dunes and hot winds. However, during the evening hours, the temperature falls below 20degree Celsius and people find it a lot comfortable at night. It is advisable to pick a casual outfit and carry an extra-light jacket during the evening matches, as the temperature drops below 18 C, creating a cool environment.  

Are Visitors Bound to Comply With the Dress Code? 

Qatar is a conservative Islamic country with many restrictions for local citizens. However, tourists and football fans can wear any casual, formal, or semi-formal football T-shirt and trousers. Qatar hosts millions of international travelers and professionals coming from several different countries all year round. However, it is recommended that visitors follow the required dress code when they visit government buildings and religious sites.  

Are Fans Allowed to Carry Posters and Flags to the Stadium? 

Fans and supporters can carry national flags and posters to the stadium, of dimension 2 x 1.5m. However, the musical instruments and large objects might be subject to security clearance at the time of the entrance.  

Are Public and Transport Easily Accessible in Qatar? 

Public transport is readily available and accessible in Qatar. State of the art, affordable metro transit system is the backbone of the country. Along with this, tourists can travel via buses and reach stadiums in less than an hour. The government of Qatar has ensured that the fans and tourists can travel via buses to tourist points and other locations. Uber and Careem are also available to and from multiple locations across venues. Fans reaching the Doha international airport would be directly transported to their respective hotels for accommodation. As a tourist, if you plan to travel with a touring party, you must consider the routes and locations of your hotels.  

Is Drinking Alcohol Allowed in Qatar? 

In Qatar, alcohol, and wine are available in licensed bars, hotels, and beach clubs. Tourists and football fans can enjoy their favourite drinks without any restrictions. However, at few places drinking and smoking might be prohibited due to various reasons. Alcohol-based beverages would not be allowed in the stadium; however, the fans will have access to alcohol at the Doha Golf Club. Drinking in public is not allowed in Qatar, and fans must comply with these regulations.

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