Where the season ends



By H. Jose Bosch

To celebrate the end of the season, and to honor one of my favorite poems and writers, Shel Silverstein, I’ve decided to pen a poem that rounds out my thoughts. If you’re unfamiliar with the original, then I suggest you read it. It’s a classic and one of my favorites (See, we try to teach at The Sports Bank!)

And now my version of the poem, “Where the Season Ends.” (below the jump)

There is a place where the season ends
And before the off-season begins,
And there the coach sees no blight
And there the fans no longer fight,
And there the bloggers rest from their spite
To cool tempers from this past year.

Let us leave this place of the dreaded sack
And bad play that never mends
Past the point where the season was so low
We shall watch and then watch all the post-bowl-game shows,
Forget the loss to O-H-I-O
To the place where the season ends.

Yes we’ll watch and then watch all the post-bowl-game shows
And forget the loss to O-H-I-O
For the players, the y mark, and the players, they know
The place where the season ends.


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