Chicago Bears mock draft composite part 2

Tyler Eifert

About a week has passed since I released part one of this mock draft composite.

A few of those 13 expert predictions for whom the Bears will pick have changed since I compiled the list on February 23rd.

Take a look at who has changed their mind since last week, and get an inside look at the rest of the draft prospects who have been most commonly linked to the Bears.

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Will Michigan A.D. tell Rich Rodriguez “You’re Fired?” WATCH LIVE!


This is by far the best episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” ever! Who needs faux-reality television when you have press conferences like these.

University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon will meet with the media today (Wednesday, Jan. 5) to talk about the state of the football program under the direction of current Wolverines head coach Rich Rodriguez.

The press conference will be streamed live on A transcript of Brandon’s comments will be available online late Wednesday.

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Rich Rodriguez no Longer Coach of the Michigan Wolverines

It was a long December for Rich Rodriguez, but there was reason to believe that 2011 would be better than 2010. What appeared to be a winnable bowl game against Mississippi State loomed and, though Michigan had their problems this season, it certainly looked as though Rodriguez would be around for next year and a few after that.

The light was at the end of the tunnel.

Then the 2011 Gator Bowl started.

You could say Rodriguez had a good 12 hours or so in 2011, I suppose…. [Read more…]

Rich Rodriguez Cries and Josh Groban Calls ’em Out for it


As embarrassing as the UM defense has been this college football season, the Wolverines have another “butt of many jokes” to deal with. Unfortunately, that source of unintentional comedy is the program patriarch itself. At least for now.

An excerpt from The Jersey

As if Rich Rodriguez doesn’t have it bad enough worrying about getting fired from his job, now singer Josh Groban has made fun of the University of Michigan football coach on Twitter! At last night’s U of M football banquet, Rich Rod was brought to tears as he sang Groban’s classic “You Raise Me Up.”

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Denard Robinson wins Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year Award

Denard Robinson

It was definitely a tale of two seasons for University of Michigan sophomore quarterback Denard Robinson. He absolutely destroyed the college football world after his first five games, and his team was undefeated. But the native of Deerfield Beach, Fla. slowed down, as did his team in the back half of the season, once the Wolverines started to play real defenses.

Still DenardD did enough to win the Big Ten offensive player of the year award from both the coaches and media. Robinson was also named to the All-Big Ten first team by the media and earned honorable mention recognition from the coaches.

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Notre Dame, Michigan among traditional powers experiencing a down year

notre dame

Tradition is one the most attractive and engaging part of sports. The pageantry of a band, the pregame festivities and the engaging mascots lure in fans and grasp their attention.

In no sport is this truer than college football.

The University of Texas lights up the crowd by having Bevo the Bull charge onto the field with the team.

The University of Miami players take the field through a plume of smoke.

The Michigan Wolverines run out under the long, yellow banner that the players jump up and slap.

USC’s Trojan Band plays “Tribute to Troy” 30 minutes before kickoff while the bandleader stabs the middle of the 50-yard-line with his sword.

Notre Dame players slap the ever-famous “Play Like a Champion Today” sign when walking down the stairs from the locker room.

By: Brian McCabe

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Why Michigan’s Denard Robinson is ready to slow down

Denard Robinson

A Michigan football team that’s markedly improved over last year’s 5-7 record has been rejuvenated under the leadership of sophomore stud QB Denard Robinson.  It appears a dark – though brief – chapter in maize and blue history has come to an end.  The blazing fast recruit from Deerfield Beach, Florida has made good on a fat stash of potential, and the Wolverines are back in business.

The praise and hype for the kid they call “shoelace” (he doesn’t tie them when he plays) is well deserved.  Robinson has broken the Michigan single game yardage record.  No Big Ten quarterback has ever rushed for as many yards in a game.  He leads the nation in rushing yards per game, and stands second in total offense.  If you’re looking for an Achilles heel, you won’t find it.  At least not yet.

By Josh Weinstock

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Wolverines Denard Robinson: Truly Bigger than Jesus?


The late John Lennon once got in trouble for saying that The Beatles were “bigger than Jesus.” However, he simply conveyed a valid point- at that particular moment in history, the Beatles’ popularity was arguably bigger than Jesus Christ in certain places. Lennon also gave us one of my all-time favorite quotes: “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

Both apply to Michigan Wolverines football and their QB, the Heisman Trophy front-runner Denard Robinson. His numbers, his media coverage and his persona are getting huge right now- by the end of senior year he could be bigger than Tim Tebow (i.e. bigger than Jesus.) In certain parts of Michigan, maybe so already.

And no one counted on nor expected this production. Remember the talk of a balanced attack in the spread-option? Remember the days when Tate Forcier was the starter? Denard is what happens when you make other plans.

By Paul M. Banks

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Calvin Johnson, Armando Galaragga: Detroit Sports Fans get SHAFTED Again

The start of the NFL season looked extremely promising for fans of the Detroit Lions near the conclusion of their game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Calvin Johnson appeared to have made a tremendous catch in the corner of the end zone. Upon further review, officials at the game negated the outstanding play because players must maintain control of the ball for the entire process of the catch. I must have been watching different games then for the past twenty-five years because I cannot begin to count how many times players have bobbled the ball and come down with possession when they eventually maintained control.

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz must be livid at this call, but he was able to maintain composure in his postgame press conference. This is a smart decision because he’s able to now retain his entire salary for coaching this week’s game; Because he successfully avoided the fine that would come from criticizing the incompetence of the officiating.

By Patrick Herbert

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Big Ten Media Day One Wrap-up, Coaches Edition

big ten conference
Check out that snazzy graphic above.  Study it.  Love it.

And then realize that this is the last year that it will be relevant and current.

Much like the conference expansion dominated the news after the NCAA Basketball Tournament, the Big Ten’s expansion to add Nebraska was the dominant topic of Big Ten Media Day on day 1.

It got a little tiresome, quite frankly. [Read more…]

Where the season ends


By H. Jose Bosch

To celebrate the end of the season, and to honor one of my favorite poems and writers, Shel Silverstein, I’ve decided to pen a poem that rounds out my thoughts. If you’re unfamiliar with the original, then I suggest you read it. It’s a classic and one of my favorites (See, we try to teach at The Sports Bank!)

And now my version of the poem, “Where the Season Ends.” (below the jump)
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TSB Exclusive Interview: Rich Rodriguez’s pride

Michigan Rodriguez Football

By H. Jose Bosch

The Sports Bank’s very own H. Jose Bosch has been given a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive interview with Rich Rodriguez’s pride. Long believed to have disappeared, Jose has managed to find it and get the interview everyone’s been wanting.

The transcription after the jump.

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