Michigan and Rich Rodriguez have nothing but a bowl to play for



By H. Jose Bosch

No one can convince me that there is a better place in the world than Buffalo Wild Wings. Why?

Plenty of solid beers to choose from; the wings, unlike Hooters, are actually good and the whole atmosphere of it all helps you forget that your college football team is actually as mediocre as you feared.

I’m sorry, what? What was the third thing I wrote? The wings?

Oh, that’s right, the mediocre football team Michigan played on Saturday and contrary to the hopes of only the most disillusioned fans the Wolverines were who we thought they were. They’re led by a freshman quarterback who is still raw; have a secondary with no true playmaker (or any good talent outside of Donnovan Warren) and a head coach still struggling to run a football team his way without all of the personnel to do it.

This season has essentially turned into the morning after. One evening of unadulterated (think 4-0, win over Notre Dame) fun followed by a massive headache with someone you really don’t want to wake up next to (1-3 since). It happens to men. It happens to women. And it happens to football teams and their fan bases.

For the rest of the year, rather than playing for anything significant in terms of the conference, the Wolverines are now just playing for one more win. Why? Bowl eligibility.

RichRod may not have Michigan competing for a conference title this season, but you can be sure he wants to get the Wolverines back into a bowl game. Considering how awful last season was, even if Michigan has to make a trip to the Little Caesars Bowl (formerly the Motor City Bowl) I’m sure Rodriguez will take it.

To keep the morning after analogy going, just imagine trying to leave the person’s bedroom without waking them up. Sure, the entire rest of the world knows you’re making the walk of shame, especially if you’re coming from a costume party. There may even be roommates waiting on the other side of the door to laugh at you.

It can be very ugly.

But if you can escape without having to talk to the Frankenstein next to you, well, isn’t that all that matters?

Moral victories are all Michigan has left this season and there is really just one moral victory that needs to be had: making a bowl game. The rest is just icing on the cake.



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  1. paulmbanks says

    Well Illinois has beaten them in Champaign once while I (or anyone outside fo cryptkepper) has been alive. and that was in 1983. so chalk sat up as win #6. but 7-5, you’d take 7-5 back in august, certainly after 3-9

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