Fantasy Frustration!



Soxman’s Fantasy Football Weekly
In what turned out to be a loss decided by Monday Night Football and Matt Cassel (who threw for 185 yards and three TDs), I came up short by just three lousy points and dropped to 4-3 on the season.

The difference was Cassel’s third TD, which was picked off but over-turned on a challenge.
What Went Wrong
Drew Brees (231 passing yards, no TDs and an interception) in my starting line-up over Matt Schuab (267 yards, 2 TDs) was a start.  But honestly, despite the tough match-up, who would ever bench Drew Brees with the season he’s having?
Nope, my biggest injustice this week was in my wide receiver slots.  Marques Colston and Roy Williams failed to catch ONE pass and both put up big fat zeroes in the scoring department.  How in the heck does that happen?
As Roddy White was on a bye week, Eddie Royal was my only other option.  Still, his 71 yards would have given me the four points I needed to win.
What Went Right
I improved to 5-2 in my league featuring individual defensive players. 
In my money league:
As Kellen Winslow was predicted to see limited downs, and Tony Scheffler was a 50/50 bet to play on Monday, I played conservative fantasy football and dropped Scheffler to sign Greg Olsen.  Scheffler didn’t play and Olsen caught 74 yards and a TD.
Clinton Portis (175 yards, TD)
Chris Johnson, my fantasy MUST START last week, (168 yards, TD)
Dominic Rhodes (73 rushing yards, 2 TD, 43 receiving yards)



Hot Stove Advice Corner
Start these guys:
Clinton Portis- facing Detroit who gives up 167 rushing yards per game.
Chris Johnson makes my must-start list again.  He’s facing the Colts, who are allowing 153 rushing yards per game
Willis Mcgahee is facing Oakland and appears to be getting back to full strength.
Patriots Defense.  Yes that’s right Paul M. Banks.  They are taking on the Rams who have been hot, but I think they match up well.
That’s it for now.  Keep moving the chains and focusing on positive gains! 


  1. I have to admit that picture I found on some myspace Pats fan chicks page of her cat wearing a Pats jersey is kind of funny. and creepy. and doesnt have much to do with his article. other than the Pats mentions of course

  2. The Little Flirt says

    I got excited when first reading this because I said..Fantasy…Soxman…MMMMMMM. football… :(

  3. Billy Blast says

    Chrish Johnson again? Won’t L. White steal points from him?

  4. Thomas Jones should have a monster game as well agianst the Chiefs.

  5. Short article today soxman.

  6. I like your pics. Hope the Pats can pull it out as you say. Stephen Jackson is one hell of an RB

  7. What do you think of Wes Welker lately?

  8. Winslow in killing me this season. He has to be the biggest bust at TE.

  9. Bleeding Cheese says


  10. Bleeding Cheese says

    I like Portis this week as well. Then Again you have to like him any week this season.

  11. You are kicking butt in you IDP league. What defense players do you have?

  12. Do you think McClain will continue to steal touches from MacGahee? Especially at the goal-line?

  13. How about Carson Palmer? Done for the year? Deauce or Pierre to compensate for Bush being out?

  14. You are still very much alive. Good post. Quick and to the point.

  15. Myspace mike says

    Still right in the thick of it Soxman. Don’t lose faith.

  16. Stumbled across this site doing research for fantasy football. I have seen you on TBS during the MLB play-offs. You are multi talented. Good advice and interesting site.

  17. paulmbanks says

    Did someone say Pierre Thomas? I-L-L!……………I-N-I!

  18. Soxman

    Colston this week? What about Cedric Benson? Koby Smith?

    Moe Diddy Out??

  19. Wow! I cannot believe I have so many readers this week.

    Alas, if I were a fantasy guru this year, I’d be in first. I will still offer you my opinions on the questions you asked:

    Chris Johnson should still get his touches and find the end zone on Sunday. White will get the goal-line carries, but their relationship is MUCH like Reggie and Deuce in New Orleans two years ago.

    Jones should be money against the worst ranked running defense in the NFL. See Portis, Deangelo Williams and Chris Johnson last week. Leon Washington might even be a good start if you are in desperate need of a running back.

    I’m starting the Patriots Defense and Special Teams this week and rolling the dice even with the Rams having a hot hand.

    Wes Welker is still money in points per reception leagues and is earning “running back” reception points this year. Simply, he’s the quick out receiver and is mostly going to earn you points on his yards after the pass.

    Winslow is without a doubt a bust so far this year, and now it looks like he won’t play Sunday either because he is suspended by the team. For this week consider Bo Scaife if he’s available. He should have a nice week against Indy. I also think Zach Miller is an emergency option.

    In my IPD League: Charles Tillman, Eric Weddle, Sean Jones, Dhani Jones, Gibril Wilson, and LaMar Woodley

    I have a hypothesis that MacGahee is finally getting into “game shape” and McClain’s touches are going to lower. I’m willing to start him this week to finds out!

    Carson Palmer has been cut in 2 of 3 leagues I play in and rumor has it he needs elbow surgery. He’s worth keeping as a back up QB if you have the room, but I’ve chosen to hold onto Matt Schuab and Kyle Orton instead.

    Diddy…my SICA STUD:

    I’m starting Colston, but he’s a total gamble. He might still have trouble catching passes.

    Benson will be the feature back and he’s going home to Texas to face the 22nd ranked run defense. I still don’t think he’s in game shape but he might be a good start if you don’t have other choices.

    My heart won’t let me pick him up as he was a total bust with the Bears.

    Koby Smith will start for the Chiefs but the Jets have the 4th best run D in the NFL. That said, they stink in the red zone so he could score if given the opportunity.

    Did I get them all?

  20. paulmbanks says

    Note, that last post was actually from SOxman, not Stan. He just happned to repost quickly and make a typo

  21. Thanks Soxman..You are a pimp..

    When are we hanging out?? Banks get this set up!!

    Moe Diddy, Tearing It Up Since the 3rd Grade!!! OUT

  22. No problem Moe Diddy. You ask some tough start\don’t start questions! There was a ton of fantasy pop this week and we at thesportsbank can’t thank you enough. Paul was sipping wine last night at a fine dining establishment marveling at all the chatter on his site!

  23. prowriter0923 says

    Soxman…your out there?? lol

  24. I’m everywhere pro writer!!!

  25. paulmbanks says

    Yes, seeing all these comments remind me that “page visits” reached a new high for this site stats. i’ve learned recently how that stat is more important than hits….and plenty of reason to pop bubbly at the Harvard Club tonight then. But remember despite what I’m doing tonight, I’m still as SICA as I’ve ever been and I always will be

  26. paulmbanks says

    J. Lo may party in Midtown Manhattan, but she’s still “jenny from the block.” just like me.

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