Big Ten Divisions give little regard to rivalry


Big Ten Conference

Well, I guess there’s no point in watching the Big Ten Network division announcement show now? The divisions are already leaked:

  • Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern and Minnesota.
  • Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana and Illinois
  • As you may have noticed, there isn’t really any regard at all to traditional rivalries. Luckily, there are guaranteed cross-division matchups: PU-Iowa, Ill-NW, IU-MSU, OSU-Mich, PSU-Neb, and Wis-Minn. So some bloodfeuds will remain.

    Also the first thought I had when looking at this realignment plan was “damn, Michigan State is going to OWN THAT DIVISION IN BASKETBALL! Seriously, it’s a pretty lopsided alignment when it comes to Hoops.

    I mean they are keeping this for basketball right? I know it won’t matter as much, except maybe come conference tournament time. Look at Penn State, they have NO SHOT of ever reaching the conference tournament title game now. And they won’t win too many intradivision games.

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  1. Charley Davis says

    The Big Ten did a fantastic job.

    Illibuck. check.
    The Cannon. check.
    Land of Lincoln. check.
    Old Oaken Bucket. check.
    Paul Bunyan trophy. check.
    Paul Bunyan’s Axe. check.
    Floyd of Rosedale. check.
    Little Brown Jug. check.

    Missing trophies:
    Governor’s Bell
    Old Brass Spittoon
    Which can be rectified when the league begins its nine game schedule in 2015.

    If this webzine had paid any attention to Delany’s comments from last month and recent published interviws, you would know that these divisions are solely for football. So don’t worry about basketball balance.

  2. sometimes I read your comments and I truly believe you are semi-retarded. anything that splits up osu and michigan is bad for osu, mich, and the conf in general. what abt the tradition of facing your rival on the last week of the season? having mich-osu in october will be STUPID

  3. Charley Davis says

    I so relish being called names or having my intelligence questioned. Guess, what? Michigan and Ohio State will continue to play their finale as they have since 1935.

  4. Sorry. I was cranky today, had shit going on in another area of my life to deal with. my bad.

    upon further inspection, I think the Big 10 did a serviceable job today with divisonal realignment.

    and your knowledge of conf trophy games is 2nd to none

  5. The conference split upholds the longest-standing athletic tradition: Picking teams in gym class.

    Kid Captain #1: I’ll take the signature program, OSU.
    Kid Captain #2: I’ll take the other signature program, Michigan.
    Kid Captain #1: I’ll take the premiere program, Penn State.
    Kid Captain #2: I’ll take the other premiere program, Nebraska.
    Kid Captain #1: I’ll take the solid program, Wisconsin.
    Kid Captain #2: I’ll take the other solid program, Iowa.
    Kid Captain #1: Do you really care who’s left?
    Kid Captain #2: Not really. I’ll take Minnesota, MSU and Northwestern.
    Kid Captain #1: OK, I’ll take Purdue, Indiana and Illinois.


  6. hahahahhaa. yeah that’s pretty much it

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