Big Ten Realizes Division Names are Terrible, Considering Changes


After angering the entire Midwest, Big 10 commissioner Jim Delany will reconsider the division names Legends and Leaders for the Big 10 Conference. The conference was divided after it expanded to 12 teams this past summer. The division names were revealed earlier this week. But for starters, the new logo looked as if Delany made it during his free trial of Photoshop, and teams like Indiana, who has never won a Rose Bowl, is in the Legends division. Now, Delany wants to fix what was wronged by renaming the divisions.

excerpt from The Jersey

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Big Ten Divisions give little regard to rivalry

Big Ten Conference

Well, I guess there’s no point in watching the Big Ten Network division announcement show now? The divisions are already leaked:

  • Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern and Minnesota.
  • Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana and Illinois
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Big Ten Divisions to be Announced at 6pm CT Today

The Big Ten Conference will announce football division alignments to begin with the 2011 season tonight at 6 p.m. CT.