Iowa’s Defensive Line: Nation’s Best?


Currently one the best defenses in all of college football lives in Iowa City right now.  The Iowa Hawkeyes lead the nation in total defense (227.5), rank third in rushing defense (65.5) and fifth in scoring defense (12.0). Much of that has to do with their defensive line, which rivals Alabama as quite possibly the nation’s best.

Led by the All-World Adrian Clayborn, and fellow frequent visitor to opponents’ offensive backfields Karl Klug, the unit has wreaked havoc through the first four games. Also seeing time at a starting position in Iowa’s 4-3 are Broderick Binns, Mike Daniels and Christian Ballard, a senior from Lawrence, Kansas who starred at Free State high school.

By Paul M. Banks

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Illinois and Missouri Square Off in the Arch Rivalry Game

The Arch Rivalry game really is a misnomer.

The Missouri Tigers have taken down the Illinois Fighting Illini in 16 of the 23 times they have played, and have won all five of the games since the “rivalry” started back up in the early 2000’s.

For whatever reason, since the Illini have dominated the Border War basketball series (winning 20-of-28 matchups), everyone seems willing to ignore it.

All that is really needed for a rivalry is a great game atmosphere, rabid fanbases that don’t care for each other and being located closely together.

Apparently, the quality of the games is not necessarily important. Who knew?

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Big Ten Divisions give little regard to rivalry

Big Ten Conference

Well, I guess there’s no point in watching the Big Ten Network division announcement show now? The divisions are already leaked:

  • Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Northwestern and Minnesota.
  • Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana and Illinois
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Big Ten’s 12th Team Announcement- Rutgers, Syracuse or Pittsburgh?


by Peter Christian

Part II – Who to choose

Yesterday, I discussed what criteria the Big Ten should follow in searching and ultimately selecting a 12th team. Today, I examine which teams are the best candidates. To read Part I, click here.

Later today, the conference will make an announcement on whether there are officially picking up a new team or not, with Rutgers, Syracuse and Pittsburgh as the leading candidates.

So who else is out there? Realistically, there are quite a few options as the Big Ten could try and steal a team from another BCS conference such as the Big East or the Big XII or they could target a smaller conference team that has had some prolonged success against lesser teams.

Last week I put out a very informal poll on my Facebook and Twitter feeds asking very simply: “Who should the Big Ten target and why?”

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The Big Ten Needs a 12th Team Part I


by Peter Christian

Part I – How to Choose

Late last week University of Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez grabbed some headlines (and made Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney look like a massive tool, wait, he does that on his own, well, you get my point) when he announced that the Big Ten has begun a search to add another team into its storied athletic conference and though this announcement directly contradicts what Delaney said earlier this year about no expansion, it was a big deal for the conference. And while I could splinter off into a very lengthy diatribe about what a massive moron Delaney is and how he has done very little in his tenure as conference commissioner, I really want to focus on the importance of Alvarez’ announcement and how crucial it is for the Big Ten. It’s a step in the right direction.


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