How Much Should You Pay for A Ping Pong Table?


If you want to go pro, no amount is too much for a ping pong table. It sounds like a cliché right? No, it’s not. To win tough ping pong opponents you need the best ping pong training equipment.

However, considering how the pandemic has ravaged most economies, it will be ideal to opt for ping pong tables with lesser prices but offer quality services. For instance, you can go for ping pong tables that are less popular but offer durability and other amazing qualities. 

If that’s the case, how would you know a quality ping pong table? Find out the right price for a ping pong table here.

Picking the Best Ping Pong Equipment?

For most ping pong players; especially beginners, the most difficult part is buying the best training equipment. What’s more, it seems like selecting the best ping pong tables is even a bigger challenge. 

Below are the basic features of the best ping pong table:

  • Thickness: This seems like the easiest way to tell if a ping pong table is durable or not. As far as table tennis tables are concerned, the thicker they are the better. The worst ping pong tables are thinner. On average, a ping pong table should be at least 12mm to 25mm thick. 

You can go for middle thickness from 16mm to 19mm. with this thickness, the ball would bounce effectively. However, the best tennis table thickness ranges from 22mm to 25mm.

  • Stability: If the table tennis table shakes or wobbles at every slightest touch, then just know that the ping pong table will not last long. The best tables are firm and have strong and stable legs. If the table tennis table has casters wheels, then it should also have a lock. The best locks are made of aluminum steel.

  • Surface: Make sure you opt for table tennis tables that don’t attract dust and stains. If the surface attracts dust and stains, then your ball may not bounce well. Also, the surface should not reflect light. 

  • Weight: Just like the thickness of the ping pong table, it is better to go for table tennis tables that are heavy. In other words, the more weight the table tennis table has, the better. That way it will not wobble or become unstable with the slightest touch.

The Average Cost of the Best Ping Table: By the Numbers

The price of a ping pong table is determined by the quality of the materials used to manufacture it. Don’t forget, depending on the brand the prices of the table tennis table may also differ. What’s more, some brands may not offer much quality but because of the popularity of their brand, their table tennis tables may be more expensive. 

The average cost of a good table tennis table is between $800 to $1000 (though a used one will go for significantly less). However, you can get some unpopular brands for less that offer even more quality than the popular brands. Like they say good branding is what sells. 

Nonetheless, depending on your level and ambition, you can start with a lesser ping pong table. Sometimes, the least price of a ping pong table can be as low as $600. Meanwhile, some top ping pong tables can cost up to $3,000 or more.  

Where can I Buy Quality Ping Pong Tables?

With the upsurge in online marketing, you can buy anything via the internet. No commodity is not sold via the internet. More so, online stores that offer table tennis tables at affordable prices are many. Nonetheless, make sure you know how to recognize the best online stores before you make a purchase online.

Nevertheless, regarding table tennis tables, it will be better to visit a physical store around you. You can physically inspect the table tennis table before you make a purchase. 

What’s the Price Range for Professional Ping Pong Tables?

Frankly, a professional ping pong table may cost more than $3,000 depending on the brand. These table tennis tables are so expensive because they are certified by ITTF and other world table tennis bodies. Apart from that, these table tennis tables offer top-notch qualities like stability, thickness, and so on.

Also, professional ping pong tables are designed with state-of-the-art materials. Some can be so beautiful you can begin to wonder if they are designed just to play ping pong. Some of the professional ping pong tables are Butterfly Centerfold 25, STIGA Advantage Pro, etc. 

How Much is Too Much For a Ping Pong Table?

No amount is too much for a ping pong table if you want to go pro. If you buy a durable and quality ping pong table, it can last a lifetime, especially if it is used for indoor recreational activities. The best ping pong players trained with sophisticated and quality ping pong tables. 

However, don’t exceed your budget because you want to get the best ping pong table. Even the best ping pong players today once trained with low quality table tennis tables at the beginning of their career. Therefore, go for a ping pong table that you can afford. 

The Advantages of Buying a Top Ping Pong Table

Undoubtedly, the advantages of purchasing the best ping pong table is enormous. Let’s take a look:

  1. It last longer
  2. Offers a better preparation against your opponent at tournaments
  3. Provides quality training sessions

Wrapping Up

The amount you spend on a ping pong table should be determined by your ambition and budget. If you are playing ping pong for fun, then numerous table tennis tables that are affordable for home use. 

Finally, don’t be tempted to spend more than your budget on a ping pong table. You can buy one to improve your skills and as you earn more, you can go for a top ping pong table. To sum it up, look out for the ping pong qualities above before you spend a dime on a table tennis table. 

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