Applying the Allan Houston Rule to the NBA Northwest Division Teams in 2011

allan houston knicks

One of the topics expected to be discussed during the NBA Lockout is the possible revival of The Allan Houston Rule.  When a new CBA was agreed upon in 2005, it allowed NBA teams a one time opportunity to waive a player and not have his contract count against the luxury tax teams have to pay if their team salary exceeds a pre-determined amount set by the league.  The released player becomes a free agent but his salary still gets paid and counts against his former team’s salary cap.  Ironically enough, Allan Houston was not a victim of The Allan Houston Rule.  The Knicks instead decided to waive Jerome Williams.

If the new CBA once again invokes this clause, most teams will probably take advantage since it would save them possibly tens of millions of dollars.  To keep up with the times, we will change the name of this from “The Allan Houston Rule” to the “Rashard Arenas Rule” since Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas easily have the two worst contracts in the league.  Allow me to break down each team and who would end up being the casualties of this rule.  Here is the Northwest Division.

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Locking Up Russell Westbrook is Thunder’s Top Off-Season Priority

russell westbrook

Like we are currently seeing in the NFL, the 2011 NBA off-season is up in the air with a lockout looming.  Free agency could be delayed and completely restructured depending on the new agreement reached by the owners and players.  Still, The Sports Bank continues to break down all thirty NBA teams to see what areas they need to address in the off-season.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have almost cemented their status as true NBA title contenders and do not have a ton of pressing needs this off-season.  One thing that should be on their agenda though, signing Russell Westbrook to a long-term extension.

By: David Kay

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Durant, Thunder Among NBA’s Best

oklahoma city thunder

Do you think Sam Presti sends fruit baskets to the Portland Trail Blazers franchise on a weekly basis as a “thank you” for them passing on Kevin Durant and having him fall right into the Oklahoma City Thunder’s lap?  OKC is rising up the ranks of the NBA and a sexy pick to de-throne the Lakers in the Western Conference.  As long as they have Durant and an improving supporting cast, it is not a crazy thought.

By: David Kay
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Thunder Doing it the Right Way

Kevin Durant Thunder

If ever there was a blueprint on how to build an NBA franchise, the Oklahoma City Thunder are following it to perfection.  No longer can we consider OKC an up-and-coming team because they have officially arrived.  With plenty of cap space and two first round picks in the NBA Draft, the Thunder should become even more of a threat in the Western Conference.

By: Peter Christian and David Kay
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NBA Power Rankings: #22 Oklahoma City Thunder


by: David Kay

2008-09 Season Summary:
The Thunder were awful in the 2008 portion of the season but were able to come together enough to be a respectable team in 2009. They played in a ton of close games and the roster really grew under Head Coach Scott Brooks after he took over in late November. The core of the team put together by GM Sam Presti truly gelled over the course of the season and is in good shape to build for the future.

Depth Chart:
C: Nenad Kristic/Etan Thomas/B.J. Mullens/Serge Ibaka
PF: Jeff Green/Nick Collison/D.J. White
SF: Kevin Durant
SG: James Harden/Thabo Sefalosha/Kyle Weaver/Robert Vaden
PG: Russell Westbrook/Kevin Ollie/Shaun Livingston

Head Coach: Scott Brooks (2nd year)

2009-2010 Team Salary: $49.9 million
Projected 2010-2011 Team Salary: approximately $39.6 million

Off-Season Grade: Passed
General manager Sam Presti continues to stick to his guns and build this team through the draft.  Oklahoma City was the opposite of Memphis this off-season and did nothing stupid to mess up their salary cap situation or stray away from their game plan.

harden-draft-nightGive credit to Presti for passing on Ricky Rubio, the sexier pick, with the third overall pick and instead filling a need for a shooting guard by taking Harden who should fit right in with his unselfish, yet mature game.  Taking a risk on B.J. Mullens, an athletic big with plenty of up-side was worth the gamble with their late first round pick.

Other than the draft, the former-Sonics made minor moves to round out their roster.  They signed journeyman point guard Kevin Ollie and acquired Etan Thomas.  Serge Ibaka arrives from Spain, but is another project post player who will need time to better develop his all-around game before he becomes a consistent contributor.

2009-2010 Outlook:
“Slowly, but surely” should be the motto in Oklahoma City.  While the future looks extremely bright, the present is still very much a work in progress.  Many are expecting Kevin Durant to make “the leap” and become an MVP-caliber player this season.  Russell Westbrook proved to be the point guard of the future in his rookie season while Jeff Green is a great “glue guy” who knows his role on the floor.

Other than those three youngsters and Harden, there isn’t a lot to be excited about on this roster.  Outside of Nick Collison, the bench is a bit of a mess with a lot of unproven players.  I am excited about the future of this franchise and to watch their young players continue to improve and gain chemistry, but I still think they are a year or two away from being a true playoff contender.

Looking Ahead to the Summer of 2010:

The Thunder will have a good amount of money to spend next off-season.  If history is any indication though, OKC will likely save their money and continue to build through the draft and save their cap space to re-sign their young, up-and-coming stars when they need to be re-signed.

However, there is the possibility that a younger free agent may see the potential on this roster and decide to sign with the Thunder to hurry the re-building process along.  Presti has proven that he will not overspend for free agents, so I wouldn’t expect that to happen unless there it too good a bargain to pass up.  Either way, a likely lottery pick will only help the youth movement.